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Why do you always put a piece of cloth at the end of the bed? There are so many learning about this

When we stay in the hotel, we always find that there is a tail cloth of different colors at the end of the bed. Many people are puzzled. Do you know why they put a tail cloth? What's the purpose? Let's have a look!

First, we all know that the overall decoration style of the hotel is relatively white. In this way, it is not only clean but also neat. Therefore, a piece of bed end cloth of other colors is laid on the white bed end, which can make the overall room look more superior.

Second, fix the quilt. Some people always like to kick the quilt when they sleep. At this time, they just need to fix the cloth at the end of the bed, so that they won't get cold because of kicking the quilt in the middle of the night. It's very convenient.

Third, to prevent soiling, when we check in the hotel, we will directly put some items on the bed, so that it is easy to soile the bed sheet. If we have this tail cloth, we can avoid soiling the bed sheet.