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What else should be done besides taking in nutrition during pregnancy?

When I found out that I was pregnant, I believe that my pregnant mother would be very surprised, and began to be cautious about her actions and diet. After having a small life in her stomach, it seems that everything has become cautious.

They began to pay attention to food hygiene, not to eat junk food; to ensure a balanced diet, strengthen nutrition; to care about air health, avoid second-hand smoke & hellip; & hellip;

These precautions are all necessary.

But one thing that is often overlooked because of the prudence of expectant mothers is:

Pregnancy sports!

Many mothers may say that pregnancy is not to go out less, more rest? Pregnancy exercise will not lead to abortion?

In fact, as long as the pregnant mother's physical condition is healthy, and the sports mode is safe and scientific, it is not only harmless, but also can bring various benefits to the mother and the baby.

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

So many

1. Reduce blood sugar and prevent gestational diabetes

From the 24th to 28th week of pregnancy, the sensitivity of pregnant women to insulin will decrease, and the increase of blood volume will lead to the relative insufficiencies of insulin.

Exercise can consume more glucose, so as to reduce and stabilize the blood glucose level of pregnant women and prevent gestational diabetes.

2. reasonably control the weight and reduce the birth rate of "giant baby"

It is reported that the excessive weight gain of pregnant women has resulted in a significant increase in the birth rate of giant infants (Ge; 4 kg) in recent years.

In addition to causing difficulties in childbirth, such as increasing the risk of dystocia, macrosomia will also harm the health of newborns, and even cause long-term effects such as childhood obesity.

Proper exercise during pregnancy can promote metabolism, control weight reasonably and reduce the possibility of birth of giant babies to a certain extent.

3. Reduce the risk of depression during pregnancy and postpartum

The news of pregnant women jumping off buildings is always shocking.

After pregnancy, the level of hormone secretion in women's body changes, and they are prone to anxiety of different degrees. About 15% - 25% of pregnant women will suffer from depression during pregnancy.

Exercise can make the brain secrete endorphins, which can keep the mood happy.

Research from the University of Oslo in Norway also shows that exercising during pregnancy may help reduce the risk of postpartum depression.

Scientific and effective exercise during pregnancy

Although pregnant women can exercise, but pregnant women can not do too much exercise, need to avoid possible falls, or will cause impact on the abdomen movement.

Fast walking and jogging are good choices, but they are often subject to external factors such as weather and air quality.

Is there a safe and effective exercise that you can do at home?

Yes, Pilates during pregnancy.

Pilates is a kind of sport which mainly focuses on repairing muscle damage and shaping body shape. It is easy to learn and easy to move. Compared with the traditional strength training, it is more suitable for pregnant and childbearing people. Pregnant women can go to their local pregnancy Training Center for systematic training. To ensure the health during pregnancy.