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What is the relationship between Wang Leehom and hot dog? Hot dog also wrote diss Wang Leehom

For China make complaints about make complaints about hot dogs, which are also recognized by the program. Basically, hot dogs wear glasses. And recently, hot dogs have been on the Tucao conference. They make complaints about their own Tucao. Lee Hom also went on this stage as a chief coffee and exchanged with others. What exactly is the two person? What about the relationship?

Wang Leehom's hiphop Chinese style

Also, as a rapper hot dog vomit the slot is also really ruthless, Tucao Lee Hom's hiphop China Wind promotion for many years is not as good as Wu Yifan's two SKR SKR, also suggested Lee Hom not to make complaints about herself. It's a blast.

Wang Leehom started his career in Taiwan's entertainment circle, and hot dog is also a famous rapper in Taiwan's hip-hop circle. Although the hot dog was gentle at the time of the visit, the language was sharp, and many media often interpreted the relationship maliciously. In addition, the hot dog has also composed diss in the style of Leehom Wang.

Hot dogs also wrote diss

Lee Hom's "Tucao conference" was unexpected. After all, the average idol didn't like to make complaints about this program to enlarge his shortcomings. On the program, someone was curious that Lee Hom was worried about the powder. Lee Hom said with a laugh, "do I still fear to powder? I love to read the shoes." '

What make complaints about Lee Hom's two hot dogs is the old acquaintance. The hot dog Tucao Lee Hom is super direct: "I still don't know what mistakes I make complaints about the flowers."

Lee Hom make complaints about hot dogs

It is reported that "huatiancuo" is a song released by Leehom Wang in 2005, which has won several awards.