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How to wash the winter cotton clothes with oil stains? Sharing of oil stain cleaning tips for cotton

In winter, everyone likes to wear cotton padded clothes, but they accidentally get oil stains, which are hard to wash off. In fact, as long as they master the right tricks, the oil stains on clothes can be easily washed off. Let's have a look.

How to wash off the oil stains on the cotton padded jacket:

1. When the cotton padded clothes are covered with oil stains, you can directly drop a few drops of detergent on them, and then leave it for a few minutes, and finally wash it with your hands, and it will be clean.

2. When you get oil stains on your clothes, it is recommended that you clean them as early as possible, because it will be difficult to remove them after a long time. It can be soaked for about half an hour with washing powder, put more in the place with oil stain, and then rub it clean.

3. We all know that flour and other things are more oil-absorbing. When you get oil stains on your clothes, it is suggested that you smear some mung bean powder on them. It's better to smear it a little thicker, and then iron it with an iron. The oil stains can be removed.

4. If there is butter or lanolin on the clothes, it is suggested that you wash them with lime, wear gloves when washing them, and do not hurt the skin on your hands.

How to clean cotton clothes is the best:

1. It's better not to wash cotton clothes too often like the clothes you wear in summer. Generally speaking, the most dirty parts of the cotton padded clothes are the cuffs and collars. If the whole cotton padded clothes are not particularly dirty, you can focus on cleaning these two parts. It is suggested that you use cotton cloth dipped in a little soapy water to wipe the stains on the cotton clothes, and then use water to clean them.

2. It is suggested that everyone wash the cotton clothes by hand, because it is easy to make cotton and cotton wool into a ball when washing by machine, which will not be fluffy after drying, resulting in the decrease of warmth retention. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone wash by hand or dry.

3. When changing seasons, cotton padded clothes should be put away. At this time, comprehensive cleaning is needed. It is suggested that you put washing liquid and softener in the water and soak the cotton padded clothes for more than 10 minutes. Then use a soft brush to brush gently for several times. The point is to clean all the stains. Finally rinse with water. Squeeze the water out by hand, do not wring it out.