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Why is South Korea called Bonzi country? How did Bonzi come from South Korea

Why is South Korea called Bonzi country? How did Bonzi come from South Korea we often give nicknames to foreign countries on the Internet, such as Indian A-San, Japanese island country, Korean Bonzi. Of course, these nicknames are scornful or ironic. Compared with South Korea, they are not very friendly to the Chinese people. They rob celebrities and festivals with us, as if the whole earth is South Korea. But do you know how to call South Korea Bonzi? Do you know the origin of South Korea Bonzi?

What does Korean Bonzi mean

Koryo Bonzi (Korean: &; &; &; &;) is a derogatory term for the Korean people on the Korean Peninsula by Chinese. The word appeared as early as the Qing Dynasty, but it was widely used in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, especially during the Anti Japanese War (1931-1945). Because Japan sent a large number of Korean soldiers to the northeast and the mainland of China to serve the war, the Chinese people hated it to the bone, and the scorn of "Koryo Bonzi" spread widely. The same reason is that the Indian, who was a British dog in the colonial period, also won the title of "ah San". You can also see why the Indian ah San "if you are interested.

Why is Korean called Bonzi

There are three reasons why Korean people are called Bonzi.

1. Koreans hit people with sticks

From the end of Qing Dynasty, the Japanese who coveted the Northeast began to infiltrate and colonize the northeast on a large scale, and reached a peak after the fall of the northeast on September 18. The most important thing to colonize is to immigrate, especially in the early days, most of the Japanese people in China were soldiers, and people were also needed for daily rule and management! However, due to the natural conditions of Japan, as well as the long distance and financial problems, it is impossible to transfer enough people from Japan.

Therefore, Japan has recruited a large number of South Koreans (what was the Korean Empire at that time, and the place with a bigger fart could be called Korea?) from the Korean Peninsula, which was merged with Japan at that time. After receiving the education of the so-called "Japanese and South Korean ancestors", these South Koreans began to fight for the tiger after coming to China. But the Japanese don't trust the Koreans at all, so these North Korean policemen don't have any weapons in their hands. They are not as good as the fake Chinese policemen, who even issue a baton.

In desperation, these two devils used the washing sticks of Korean women's washing clothes as weapons to hit people. Because these two devils are more fierce than the Japanese, the common people call them Gaoli Bonzi.

2. Given by Emperor Qianlong

Bangzi, also known as bangmallet, is the dialect of Beijing, that is, the foolish and ignorant consciousness. In the words of ordinary people, it's bandiaozi.

In that year, the king of North Korea came to Beijing to see Qianlong. Qianlong was very happy. He had a banquet in the Forbidden City. During the banquet, someone brought a basin of hand cleansing water. In order to disinfect and increase the fragrance, some petals and salt were added to the water. Why is South Korea called Bonzi country?. The king of Korea thought it was soup, so he took a few sips of it and praised it very much. Qianlong saw it and laughed and said, "the king of Korea; [you're really a mallet.". The king of Korea didn't understand. He thought that the emperor had appointed him a great official. Thank you. Since then, the Korean people have been called Bonzi. That is to say, the ignorance of Koreans.

3. Koreans like to grow corn

North Koreans mostly grow corn for food. The harvested corn is often hung in clusters in front of the house and behind the house, and the corn cob after the corn grains are stripped is mostly used for feeding pigs. Especially after the autumn harvest, the farmhouses are mostly surrounded by corn cobs. This is quite different from the agricultural landscape of Hebei Province, Shandong Province, which is dominated by wheat. "Koryo Bonzi" has become a folk derogatory term for Korean people.

After learning why Korean people are called Bangzi and why Korean people are called Gaoli Bangzi, we will also understand the historical reasons when we talk about this word. We hate that Korean people are not unwilling, and that Korean people can say that the universe is created by themselves. Xiaobian laughs. God wants to make it perish and avoid suspicion to make it crazy.