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How does individual industrial and commercial bank open an account on the Internet? List of online a

how can an individual industrial and commercial bank open an account online? Let's take a look at the online account opening process of self-employed households.

procedures and fees for business license of individual business:

Tools / materials:

One inch color photo of the operator, one original and copy of ID card, one copy of real estate card or relevant certificate of the business site, and rental contract (not required for free property rights). If it is an agent, one original and one copy of ID card of the handler is required.

Method / step:

The industrial and commercial office where the business place of the individual business is located shall be determined and handled by the competent industrial and commercial department. If an administrative center is established, it is usually handled in the center.

Name your shop, name composition = administrative division + business + industry + organizational form, fill in the following form, and apply for name approval.

After the name is approved, the application for business opening registration shall be made and the form shall be filled in, and the industrial and commercial department can accept the establishment registration.

If it is an agent, you need to fill in the power of attorney.

The business license of individual industrial and commercial households generally only needs three working days. If the unit with high efficiency can obtain the license on the same day.

Fees. According to the regulations of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, there is no charge for business license. Remember.