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2018 the tiktok list of the songs on the tiktok music list.

As the most short video of APP, jitter has absorbed many young people to perform tiktok. In 2018, Chinese songs were sung in many loud songs, and many songs were sung very well. Today, Xiaobian has compiled 2018 pox prints for tiktok to compare with you. Is it familiar after reading it?

1. For the rest of my life

Singer: Ma Liang

Describes the light love, not the ups and downs of the passion, not the sea, the mountain vows, the rest of the spring, summer, autumn and winter as long as you are good.

2, 38 degrees 6

Singer: Black Dragon

A song with a strong sense of love at first sight, with the singer's unique voice, makes the whole song refreshing.

3. A million possibilities

Singer: Christine Welch

As a singer from the United States, her Chinese is really very standard, and the melody of the whole song is also very good.

4. Short and long

Singer: cigarette handle

Each love that is not long and small is gradually mature after separation.

5. Not just like it

Singer: Xiao Quansun language competition

Singing the dilemma of single love.

6. Desert camel

Singers: Exhibition and Luo Luo

Western style with rock and roll, very sunny, sounds energetic. But it's strange that there is a sense of instant vision of Zhang Fei and Li Kui holding hands in the desert.

7. Close your eyes

Singer: he Xianren

Very suitable for KTV songs.

8. Can I

Singer: Zhang Zihao

Classic lyrics: I can accept all your little tempers. I can take you to eat a lot

The whole song is about the memory loss of love.

9. Fall in love at first sight

Singer: Ou Juncheng

Classic lyrics: I just love your beauty at first sight. I'm willing to pay my true love for you.

Describe the expectation of love at first sight.

10. I've fallen in love with you

Singer: Qing Ciyao / Erlang

I've fallen in love with you and I'm eager to be together. More magical is the cover of gluten brother, psychological ability to bear strong may slowly fall in love with Oh.

11, decent

Original singer: Yu Wenwen

It's called a song with soul and story by netizens, which sings the feeling of many people after breaking up. It's a song that will stop addicting. Perfect singing out of love when vigorous, time-sharing body and face, good gathering good scattering. It's also the episode of the previous 3 films. Remember those predecessors who cried and fainted in the cinema?

12. Take you on a trip

Original: Principal

It is said that the cause of the song's fire is terrible!!

A man carries a big stereo to express his love on the street. If he doesn't agree with each other, he will sing. If he stops his sister, he will sing, no matter what others can't stand. Later in the promotion of the network, even the original singing did not expect the fire up!

It is said that the reason why the song became popular is that there is a man who always likes to be famous for hype, carrying a stereo to express his love on the street, and singing when he sees a girl. Blocking other people's singing, no matter whether they can't stand it. Later, with the help of the Internet, the song became popular. It's really possible that even the singer himself didn't think of it!

13. Liar of love I ask you

Original singer: Chen Xiaoyun, Lin Meiyin

A song 30 years ago was in a state of tiktok, because the lyrics of Min Nan dialect were Mandarin Mandarin, and then slipped in, really sweet, dirty and dirty.

14. We're different

Original song: Dazhuang

Momo was created by a very talented anchor. We are not the same. Everyone has different situations. We sing out the hearts of many people and the different situations that everyone has experienced, which resonates with the audience!

15. Light seekers

Original singer: Cen Ninger

The episode of the TV drama "the summer solstice" describes a feeling of burying love in the bottom of my heart.

Classic lyrics: every time I lift my head for you, even tears feel free. Some love falls like sunshine, losing while owning.

Netizen comment: he is my heavy rain majestic, but can't wait for rainbow, wish everything OK!

16, short hair

Original singer: Liang Yongqi

When the song was first released in 1997, it opened up the mainland market and even set off a short fever. At that time, Liang Yongqi became the spokesperson of the girl with short hair!!

If there is a woman who is willing to cut your long hair into short hair, please cherish it!

17. Diseased bingbian

Original song: cubi / fi9 jiangche / younglife

The song tells a sad love story. The more hope, the more disappointment. Some netizens also commented that Wang fried was put in the beginning of the song, and the card behind it... Tiktok is often spoof.

18, the end

Originally sung by Zhao Fangjing and by Feng Timo

Tiktok was released in 2016, and it was not ideal at the beginning. Until the voice of Que was heard, it began to fire. Later, when someone was released from the voice, he was in a complete mess of all kinds of songs and fire.

Warning: never listen to the audio version!

19. Wait a minute

Original singer: Xu Yuteng

A song released in 2007 is an old one. The lyrics are adapted from real stories, and are used in sad tiktok videos.

Netizen Zhaxin comments: people are too familiar with each other, they know the knife will hurt the most and kill the most.

20, worry

Original song: Mao is not easy

One for the sun and one for the moon

One for hometown, one for distance

One for tomorrow, one for the past

One to freedom, one to death

This passage made China tiktok all over the night, and many people in the trembling voice used it to match the sad bridge section.

It is such a simple eight glasses of wine, one is heavier than the other, one is more bitter than the other. The lyrics poke people's hearts. I dreamed of walking around the world with swords. I saw the prosperity of the world, and finally my wings were broken mercilessly by the reality.

Tiktok, the reason why these songs are mostly caused by lyrics, is the love and life experience of most people. It makes people feel empathy. It is different from the ten big red nets. These songs wake up memories of many people buried in their hearts, and wake up the heart of the song that they like most. Maybe that's why they can rise. Do you love Chinese Chinese tiktok, the ten most popular songs on the top? If you don't have a look at the list, you may see that the most vibrant Chinese songs in 2018 are likely to change at any time. Please pay attention to the timely updates of tiktok!

2018 tiktok Chinese Songs List

1. It's all you (New)

2. 9277 (New)

3. Singing in a different style (New)

4. Songs of Xi'an people (New)

5. Seaweed dance (New)

6. Send to Mingyue (New)

7, decent

8. Love liar I ask you

9. We're different

10. Light seekers

11, short hair

12. Diseased bingbian

13. Wait a minute

14, worry

15. Nine piece machine

16. Take you on a trip

17. Drunk Red Cliff

18. Trigonometry

19. No more people like you

20. The most beautiful couple

21. When I look at you

22. All living things

23. Go far

24. Never again

25. It's all you

26. Who lives in youth

27. Wandering small sellers

28, we

29, baby

30. Can't learn

31. Spring breeze

32. Ascetic monk

33, father

34. What I love in my life

I love you

36. Ten year love story of Guangdong

37. Let's go

38. Not just like

39. Hongzhaoyuan

40, Aries

41. Short story

42. Emptiness

43. The most beautiful expectation

44. You are the one you love

45. Bingbian disease

46, non chieftain

47. Curry

48, 7538

49. Gucci Urumqi

50. Small Jumping Frog

51. Jingling

52. We didn't end up together

53. Buddhist girls

54, the end