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5g battle? Who is Huawei most worried about?

The hottest news recently is the 5g battle. Everyone is looking up to see who can eat this fat meat. Huawei is the number one communication equipment manufacturer in the world, with the highest proportion of 5g patents among all manufacturers, and the largest number. Huawei has done a good job in 5g hardware.

Not only that, China's 5g technology R & D has carried out the third phase of test experiment a few days ago. As the leader of China's 5g technology, Huawei took the lead in completing the functional test of 5g sac band base station equipment, which is the first test of 5g wireless side system function launched for independent networking in the industry.

Although Huawei's performance in 5g has been excellent enough, it seems that it has not received a large 5g order so far. Even China Mobile has chosen to sign a framework agreement worth 1 billion euros with Nokia. On the contrary, other competitors of Huawei are constantly placing orders. The most exaggerated one is Ericsson.

At present, Ericsson has obtained 7 5g commercial contracts, signed 40 cooperation memorandums of understanding with the world's leading operators for 5g network testing, and fully cooperated with 22 industry partners, 45 universities and research institutions in 5g field. Moreover, Ericsson has signed a 5g super large order worth 3.5 billion US dollars.

Ericsson is also one of the world's top communication equipment manufacturers, but it has been stabilized by Huawei before. Now, Ericsson has suddenly won seven 5g contracts in succession, and it has suddenly become Ren Zhengfei's most worried opponent. Moreover, the sudden rise of Ericsson has caught Huawei by surprise.

Although Huawei has not received large 5g orders at present, China will become one of the largest 5g markets in the world in the future, and a large user group will provide Huawei with a broad stage of display. Although Ericsson is very good now, it is believed that Huawei will be able to achieve anti overtaking!