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Which brand in the top 10 domestic down jacket brands list has good down jacket quality?

it's time to buy down clothes again in winter. For many consumers, they must choose big brands and manufacturers to buy down clothes, so that the quality can be guaranteed. Which brand of domestic down clothes is better? The following small edit to you about the domestic down clothing brand rankings related content, I hope to be able to help you!

List of domestic down clothing brands

List of domestic down clothing brands 1. Bosden

Bosden is a well-known trademark, Chinese famous brand and one of the top ten down clothes in China. In the past 30 years of hard work, bosden has made independent technological innovation and walked out of the development path of private enterprises to build famous brand strategy. Since 2007, bosden has been rated as the only world famous brand in China's clothing industry by the AQSIQ.

List of domestic down clothing brands 2. Aileyi

AI Lai Yi is a famous brand in China and Zhejiang Province. Since 2009, we have seen that Xia Yu and Yuan Quan represent the brand of down clothing - AI Lai Yi. Since then, there has been a trend of fashionable down clothing in winter. As the flag brand of Chinese down clothing industry, aileyi's commitment is to create fashionable down clothing.

List of domestic down clothing brands 3. Yalu

Founded in 1972, Yalu down clothing is a famous brand in China, one of the top ten down clothing brands and one of the influential brands in the industry. In recent years, the domestic down clothing market is very hot, but Yalu has always occupied the leading position in the domestic down clothing industry.

List of domestic down clothing brands 4 duck

Duck down jacket is a well-known trademark in China and one of the top ten brands of down jacket. In the past, the down clothing market in the South and North was basically the same in terms of design style. Later, duck developed different products according to the climate difference between North and south. The down clothing sold in the south market reduces the composition of down quantity, which makes the down clothing look less bloated, which not only opens the south market, but also reduces the product cost.

List of domestic down clothing brands 5. Duck baby

Duck baby down jacket in the fierce competition of the domestic down jacket market advocates a unique, different style, bold avant-garde design concept, with its excellent production level, reasonable price advantage and perfect after-sales service has won the love of the majority of consumers.

List of domestic down clothing brands 6. Xuezhongfei

Xuezhongfei is a well-known brand in China. As the leader of Chinese down clothing industry, its sales volume is far ahead and it has a high market share. And it has always been the main green consumption, its products have passed the ISO14001 environmental system certification and green mark product certification, the production environment and products have met the requirements, the double green characteristics, making the snow fly open the door to the international market.

Ranking list of domestic down clothing brands 7. Sharon

Sharon down jacket is the leader of the down jacket industry in the United States. Since entering the Chinese market, although facing the challenges of many domestic brands, Sharon has not only been recognized by consumers, but also stood out in the down jacket industry with its fashionable appearance and high-quality quality quality. Its sales performance in various shopping malls is also among the top.

List of domestic down clothing brands 8. Red bean

Red bean is a well-known trademark in China. In the competitive domestic down clothing market, the sales volume of red bean down clothing is still very considerable. Such good achievements are mainly due to the rapid transformation of red bean enterprises and strict monitoring of product production and quality.

List of domestic down clothing brands 9, qianrengang

Qianrengang is a famous brand in China, and also one of the most influential brands in the domestic down clothing industry. Qianrengang's down clothing series, from children's clothing to youth's clothing to middle-aged and old people's clothing, has various categories and rich styles. Qianrengang aims to build a happy and harmonious new era with warm and favorite people, high quality, leading standard and intimate service.

Top 10 domestic down clothing brands, Yanhuang

Yanhuang brand, founded in 1987, is one of the earliest brands in the down clothing industry in China. After years of development, Yanhuang has integrated the design belief of Chinese and Western into the fashionable, charming and atmospheric down jacket, and has always adhered to the design concept of fresh, chic and fashionable, bringing new dressing style to many consumers