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What does SKR mean? Wu Yifan brings fire to SKR network

it seems that every year's new rap in China should bring a new word of fire. Do you remember last year's freestyle? With the broadcast of "new rap in China", Wu Yifan caused many netizens' diss because of his cold and harsh attitude in the program. When Wu Yifan launched a large-scale post of diss, the word "SKR" that Wu Yifan put on his lips got angry again! In fact, before the program was broadcast, Wu Yifan constantly promoted SKR at the stage of the press conference and said that he would take fire as the latest catchword, just like last year's free The style is the same.

​ as an outstanding graduate of the last term, Wu Yifan has made a lot of efforts to bring his own word, SKR, into being. He has started the process of making a name for 'SHR' with all his heart. He thought that there was more than enough experience from his former brother to deal with it~

​ Not only at the press conference of new rap in China, Wu Yifan talked about SKR frequently, but also predicted that the word had great potential at that time. With the broadcast of the program, Wu Yifan began to pay attention to the frequent use of SKR. Whenever he had a chance, he would shout out the word loudly in the program ~ even the latest micro blog, almost began to end with SKR, trying to get familiar with it, but finally survived It turns out that the tragic ending of "with a heart full of goods, but without meeting the right person" is totally a slow rhythm

​ I was already feeling cold, but all of a sudden, that "SKR" hit the whole network, showing that there are endless packages and stories, that's all, let the netizens begin to congratulate Mr. Wu on the hot words of 2018. All of a sudden, the SKR expression pack is endless!

​ what's the skyr of the Internet? According to Wu Yifan's usage, it's actually the latest hip-hop buzzword. When you especially recognize something, you use an skyr, which feels like "praise" in Chinese. But in fact, when Wu Yifan's aura is not covered, there are several explanations for SKR: the first is the sound of the car's tires spinning, the second is the response when you say hello, more when you don't agree with something, which is a bit like "cut" in Chinese, a sense of being ready to scold~