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What is your Kwai? The origin and origin of Kwai Su

often sees the word "Xiu" in the comments recently. What does it mean? Kwai: Kwai Kwai is also love entertainment platform for many people. Fast hand is the popular vane of the whole network. Many interesting and interesting stems are derived from this. Recently, many friends often see the word "Xiu'er, which appears frequently in the comments of short videos. So what does the "Kwai" on the fast hand mean?

Introduction to Kwai Su

"Show" means to be excellent and powerful. It means to praise others. Some people call it "Chen Duxiu".

As a network language, it's a funny expression. When we see a video or picture that feels very powerful and meaningless, we can all say 'Xiuer, is it you'.

Introduction of Kwai Pedu

"Xiu" refers to Chen Duxiu, which is derived from "Dai Xiu". This word is not a bad meaning. It describes funny, straight to the point and excellent answers, just like Chen Duxiu.

Sometimes we come across people commenting on "Xiuer" under their own content, which is not to say that you are not good, so we don't have to worry about whether others are scolding us.