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Why often give oral ulcer? How to prevent and treat oral ulcer?

Oral ulcer is a very common disease, almost everyone has been 'favored' by ulcer. Although ulcer is a minor disease, once it appears, it makes people very uncomfortable, and they will be troubled by daily meals. If you don't want to be upset by oral ulcer, you need to know the common cause of oral ulcer and how to prevent it. The causes of ulcer are as follows

(1) Lack of nutrients

When the body is lack of iron and vitamin B, it is easy to develop oral ulcer. In addition, people who like spicy and stimulating food are also prone to develop oral ulcer.

(2) Endocrine disorders

Women are prone to oral ulcer before and after the physiological period. In addition, menopausal women are also prone to oral ulcer. There is also a group of pregnant women with high incidence of oral ulcer. The reason why these three conditions will increase the probability of oral ulcer is that endocrine disorders in these stages will occur.

(3) High mental pressure

Another reason for the high probability of oral ulcer is the high mental pressure. If a person is under great pressure or mental tension for a long time, coupled with long-term physical or physical fatigue and lack of sleep, these will lead to the long-term occurrence of oral ulcer.

(4) Decreased immunity

No matter which aspect leads to the decline of immune function, it is easy to cause oral ulcer after the immune function disorder.

(5) Diseases of digestive system

Digestive system diseases are also easy to lead to oral ulcer, such as chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, enteritis and constipation. In addition, improper drug treatment and environmental pollution are also common factors to increase the probability of oral ulcer.

(6) trauma

The injuries mentioned here are mainly oral injuries, such as rough braces, toothbrushes, or eating too hot food and accidentally biting yourself, which are also likely to be the culprit of oral ulcer, which accounts for 31.8% of the occurrence of oral ulcer.

(7) Sodium dodecyl sulfate

In many toothpaste and slobber, sodium alkyl sulfate is found in the toothpaste. The foam in the foam toothpaste is caused by this reason. This chemical substance can cause mucus poisoning in the oral protective layer, which can lead to the risk of oral ulcer. Twelve.

Knowing the cause of oral ulcer can be curbed from the source. Of course, for some cases, prevention can not be completely avoided at the same time, so we need to know the treatment measures.

Clear treatment of oral ulcer

1、 Diet regimen

In order to adapt to the seasonal changes, the body will adjust when the season changes. At this time, it is easy to get angry. Therefore, you can eat more fire removing and moistening foods, such as pears, honey and Tremella. In such a season, you must eat less hotpot and pay attention to the light diet.

2、 Relaxing spirit

To learn to relax nerves can regulate endocrine, enhance resistance, but also can reduce the probability of oral ulcer.

3、 Vitamin supplement

Lack of vitamin is a common cause of oral ulcer, so we must pay attention to vitamin supplement. When treating, we can also smear vitamin B and vitamin C on the affected area, which can accelerate wound healing.