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2018 Christmas manicure pattern collection attend fashion party, you are the queen

at Christmas, for girls who are going to fashion parties, is it necessary to make a beautiful nail to increase the festival atmosphere? Do you know what is the most popular manicure pattern this year? The most popular manicure elements in 2018 are certainly inseparable from elk, pine tree and Santa Claus, and must keep up with the fashion and trend.

Is the red elk pattern both festive and lovely?

Do you like this fantastic pattern

Very small and fresh a Christmas manicure, snowflake + Santa + deer and other patterns, do you want to try it?

Do you like this kind of Christmas manicure? It's cute and eye-catching when it's painted on your hands, and Santa Claus on your thumb is very popular.

It's a cool Christmas manicure style, with a Christmas atmosphere in red and green. The whole manicure has its own characteristics with the help of careful machine design.

This kind of big red manicure is very suitable for Christmas painting. The color is bright and atmospheric, and the red fire has a festive atmosphere.

This is a Christmas manicure. It's really fashionable and beautiful. It's very good to mix a variety of colors. It's cool to match it with a bit of diamonds.

A good girl's Christmas manicure. It's designed with nude white background and snowflake print. It's full of winter flavor. It can enhance your beauty when you paint it on Christmas day.