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What's the use of financial social security card? How to apply for financial social security card vi

social security cards need to be paid once a year, so how to apply for financial social security card via wechat? Other netizens said they didn't know what the use of financial social security card was? Follow Xiaobian to have a look.

What's the use of financial social security card?

What is financial social security card? What's the usage?

In a word, the new social security card is bound to the bank card. Compared with the previous social security card, it has more financial functions and is more convenient for social security and payment.

How to deal with Shenzhen Financial social security card?

Shenzhen Financial social security card can be handled by individuals. It can also be handled by enterprises on behalf of others. The flow chart of individual handling is as follows.

Just prepare the social security card and the computer number to the corresponding bank counter (the following figure shows the list of banks that support the handling of financial social security card in Shenzhen)

Wechat handling financial social security card

Now it's the information age. It's a lot of trouble to go to bank outlets and queue up. Here I recommend you to use wechat directly to apply for financial social security card

Look for the official account of WeChat's electronic social security card. Please pay attention to confirm it clearly.

Open the official account of electronic social security card.

Find 'online financial social security card' as shown in the figure

Check whether the handler meets the requirements and fill in relevant information

Check whether the insured meets the conditions for handling the financial social security card. If it is not prompted, it will not be handled

Fill in social security card information

Here you need to fill in your personal information, including the bank outlet information of the reserved financial social security card. Later, the financial social security card will be sent to this branch

Upload financial and social security card information

After filling in the relevant information of personal social security, submit the personal ID card and computer number.

Submission of information

If the information you fill in meets the requirements, you will be prompted after submitting the information.

View processing progress

After submitting the electronic social security card information, the bank will receive the relevant information, and then inform you to collect the card.