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How to turn on the air conditioner in winter? What's the best mode to turn on the air conditioner

how to use the air conditioner in winter? Do many people not want to go out in cold winter? If you stay in the room all the time, the room must be air-conditioned. So how to turn on the air conditioner in winter? Today's editor will teach you how to turn on the air conditioner that saves the most electricity. Is it better to keep the room warm and save electricity at the same time?

How to use the air conditioner in winter

1. Timed ventilation

People stay in air-conditioned rooms for one third longer in winter than in other seasons. However, the air in the air-conditioned room is often not convective, and many harmful bacteria are easy to survive in such a poor ventilation environment, resulting in the presence of a large number of bacteria, bacteria, carbon dioxide and dust particles in the air. At this time, timely ventilation is very necessary in the use of air conditioning.

2. Proper air outlet angle

Choosing a suitable air outlet angle for air conditioning will make the air temperature rise faster. When the air temperature becomes high, the hot air flow is easy to go down. When heating, the air outlet will go down, and the effect will be better. In summer, the air conditioner is all going down. When cooling, the air outlet should be up. This can also achieve the effect of energy saving.

3. Use sleep function

When sleeping, people should use the sleep function of air conditioner, also known as economic function. During sleep, the heat emitted by the human body is reduced and insensitive to temperature changes. The sleep function is set after people fall asleep for a certain time, and the air conditioner will automatically raise the indoor temperature. Using this function can save 20% of the electricity. In addition, the ventilation period of 10 ㎡ room is about two hours, and the ventilation time is about 15 minutes. Because of frequent air exchange, users can also consider putting a basin of clear water in each room to increase indoor humidity.

4. Cleaning work

In addition to the "big wash" once a few years, it's better to ask professional maintenance personnel to go outside, and the cleaning users can also finish it at ordinary times. The filter screen needs to be cleaned frequently, generally once every 2 to 3 weeks. Take out the filter screen and brush the ash with dry soft wool, or wash it with warm water below 50 ℃, and install it after it is dry. The photocatalyst in the air conditioner should also be exposed to the sun for about 10 minutes before use. The condenser and evaporator coil of air conditioner can be cleaned vertically by brush and vacuum cleaner.

What mode is suitable for air conditioning in winter:

It is recommended to use the automatic mode. The air conditioning computer version will automatically adjust and turn on the adaptive mode. In fact, heating mode is used, but preheating and defrosting time will appear. It is worth noting that the air conditioner can be turned on in winter, but there must be no dependence. For people, always stay in the air-conditioned room, the air is not circulating, and the oxygen content is not as good as the outdoor air. When it's cold and hot, the elderly and children are particularly prone to cold or respiratory diseases. On the other hand, turning on the air conditioner in winter will cause a sharp change in indoor temperature and humidity, which has a great impact on furniture, especially solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is easy to deform and crack in this environment.

From the perspective of health care, when using air conditioning in winter, at least two problems should be paid attention to: first, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be too large, and it is better to keep the indoor temperature 8 ℃ higher than the outdoor temperature. If the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, people are prone to cold and cold in the sudden cold and hot environment. For the elderly and people with high blood pressure, indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be too large. Because the indoor temperature is too high, the human blood vessels dilate, and if suddenly to the outdoor, the blood vessels suddenly contract, it will make the old people and the patients with high blood pressure have trouble in cerebral blood circulation, and it is very easy to induce stroke. Secondly, close the doors and windows when opening the air conditioner. If the air conditioner is opened for a long time, it will lead to lack of oxygen in the room, and bacteria and viruses will accumulate in large quantities. Therefore, the air conditioner should stop and open the windows for ventilation every time it is opened for more than 2 hours.