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What's the difference between mechanical watch and quartz watch? Novice must see

With the improvement of living standard, more and more people also like to wear watches. Pay attention to wristwatch is a symbol of many men's life taste, but for entry-level novices, don't you know what's the difference between quartz watch and mechanical watch.

1、 What is quartz watch

Quartz watch is one of the kinds of wristwatches. Quartz watch can also be called crystal vibration electronic watch. It is a modern invention to use quartz crystal in clocks and watches. It is the use of crystal chip vibration phenomenon. When the crystal receives the external applied voltage, it will have the properties of deformation and expansion. On the contrary, if the crystal is compressed, it will generate electricity at both ends of the crystal. Such properties can also be seen on many crystals, called "piezoelectric effect". Quartz watch is the use of periodic continuous "vibration" of the crystal, for us to bring accurate time.

2、 Characteristics of quartz watch

Quartz watches need a battery as a source of energy. The battery outputs electricity to the electronics and motors in the watch. Each second, the electronic block outputs a pulse wave to the motor, which drives the meter pin to run. Because quartz crystal can provide the most stable pulse wave, it can guarantee the highest accuracy.

1) The second hand of the English watch is a leap in a row, which is very accurate.

2) The integrated circuit is used in the movement, the structure is much simpler than that of the mechanical watch movement, and the assembly is very simple.

3) It's easy to use, no need to wind up when wearing. A battery can be used for 2-3 years. But some quartz meters use lithium batteries, which have a long service life and can be used for about 7-8 years.

4) The price of the watch is relatively cheaper than that of the mechanical watch.

3、 What is a mechanical watch?

Mechanical watch can be divided into the following two types: manual and automatic. The power source of these two machines is the spring in the movement, which drives the gears to push the needle, but the power source is different. The mechanical watch on the chain by hand is powered by turning the winder by hand. The thickness of the movement is thinner than that of the watch on the winder, so the weight of the watch is relatively light. The watch with automatic chain is driven by the power generated by the left and right swing of the automatic rotating disk of the movement, but the thickness of the watch with manual chain is relatively smaller than that of the watch with automatic chain.

4、 Characteristics of mechanical watch

1) Different from quartz watch, the second hand of mechanical watch keeps walking continuously.

2) Due to the complexity of the movement of the mechanical watch and the large travel time error (depending on the brands), the movement error of the observatory is small, and the error of a day is normal within - 4 / + 6 seconds. The travel time error of the mechanical watch cannot be accumulated, and the watch needs to be debugged after a period of time.

3) The process is fine and easy to use. The upper foot can be winded for more than 36 hours.

4) The core has a long service life.

5) The appearance is heavier than quartz watch (depending on the brands), and some brands are also very thin, but generally they are manual mechanical watches.

This is the introduction. You should understand that there is no better way to say whether it's quartz watch or mechanical watch. You should choose your watch according to your own needs and preferences instead of blindly following the trend. Only a watch that suits you is the best.