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How to deal with the expired motorcycle license? A detailed explanation of the application procedure

if the valid period of the motor vehicle driving license is more than one year overdue and the license is not renewed, the traffic control department will cancel the driving license according to law. How to deal with the expired motorcycle license? Details of the application procedures for motorcycle driving license.

in accordance with the provisions of Article 77 of the regulations on the application and use of motor vehicle driver's license (Order No. 139 of the Ministry of Public Security):

Motor vehicle drivers have the following two situations:

★ the driver's license has not been renewed for more than one year;

★ those who are over 70 years old and fail to submit the physical condition certificate within one year after the end of one scoring cycle; or those who hold the quasi driving model of small automatic block passenger car for the disabled and fail to submit the physical condition certificate within one year after the end of three scoring cycles.

At this time, if the vehicle driver's license has not been cancelled for more than two years, the vehicle driver can resume his driving qualification after passing the examination of road traffic safety laws, regulations and relevant knowledge. And if the driving license of a motor vehicle is within the validity period or exceeds the validity period for less than one year, the driver of the motor vehicle may also resume the driving qualification after submitting the physical condition certificate.

Materials required by the applicant:

1. Application form for motor vehicle driver's license (receiving method: driver management window, driving school, special digital photo shooting point for driver's license of each branch of vehicle management office, each district (county) traffic police branch (large) team).

2. The physical condition certificate of motor vehicle driver (issued by the medical institution with the physical examination qualification of motor vehicle driver confirmed by the municipal health authority, including the hospitals at or above the district (county) level, the municipal centers for Disease Control and prevention and their subordinate health inspection stations, and the medical institutions at or above the regimental level of the troops stationed in Shanghai; it belongs to the small automatic application for the disabled The driver's license for the permitted driving type of passenger car shall be issued by a special medical institution with inspection qualification designated by the municipal health authority).

3. The original and copy of the applicant's identity certificate.

4. Vehicle driving license photo.

5. After the materials are prepared, the applicant shall take the above materials to the acceptance window of the vehicle management office to go through the formalities for restoring the driving qualification. An applicant for a suburban (county) moped driver's license shall apply at the driver management window of the traffic police detachment (brigade) in the jurisdiction.