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Is there any scientific basis for boys and girls in the palace of Qing Dynasty? Is it right to judge

It is said that the prediction table for boys and girls has been handed down from the Qing Dynasty. It is also called the Qing Dynasty palace watch. It is said that it has a history of more than 300 years. In the folk, many old people will also use this method to judge the sex of the pregnant baby. Is it accurate to give birth to boys and girls?

It is said that it is very mysterious that the Qing palace watch can predict the sex of a pregnant fetus by combining the knowledge of Zhouyi and Bagua.

It is said that the prediction of the birth of male and female watches handed down from the Qing Dynasty is the origin of the book of changes. According to the formula of yin and Yang, five elements and eight trigrams, they were born about three hundred years ago. They were originally in the charge of eunuchs in each dynasty for the use of princes and relatives. Later, they gradually drifted into the folk.

The table of the Qing Dynasty is based on the female, and the age is based on the virtual age at the time of conception, that is, one year plus one year at that time, which is listed in the vertical column of the table. The month of conception is calculated according to the lunar month, which is in the horizontal row of the table. In order to predict the sex of the fetus, the intersection of the virtual age of the mother and the month of conception is shown as the sex of the fetus.

In the operation of prediction based on the Qinggong chart, it should be noted that the age used in the Qinggong chart is different from the age we say today. The age in the Qinggong chart must refer to the algorithm of the lunar calendar. According to the calculation of the virtual age, the virtual age is calculated from the beginning of pregnancy, and the general pregnancy month in the lunar calendar is only 9 months. The specific calculation method for predicting the age of boys and girls in the Qing Dynasty palace chart is: the current month minus the year of birth, plus 9 months (the day of birth is not needed).

And the month of pregnancy is also what we need to pay attention to when we read the palace watch. This involves a factor that temperature affects the birth of boys and girls. If we analyze it according to today's science, it is not specifically analyzed in the Qing palace table, but we just tell you that the month of conception is based on the lunar month (according to the day of conception, not the first day of the last menstruation, which is different from today's medical calculation of pregnancy time). It should be noted that if the pregnancy month is a leap month in a leap year, the first half of the leap month is last month, and the second half is next month.

Conclusion: Nowadays, people's knowledge level is gradually improving. Many people know that in fact, the birth of boys and girls is not determined by prediction, but by the free combination of genes. The results of this combination are mostly due to natural selection. In this case, it is likely to be a coincidence if the prediction table is accurate.