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What are the top ten low calorie and low heat foods?

To lose weight, we should also pay attention to the method of balanced diet. It will hurt the body to lose weight by dieting. What to eat during weight loss is more important. Let's introduce some low calorie and low heat foods to you. Let's eat enough and eat well during weight loss. Then let's know what foods are on the list of low calorie diet foods and what are their effects?

First: celery, celery is rich in crude fiber, potassium, vitamin B2, vitamins and other nutrients, which can help people to moisten the intestines and relieve fatigue and oral ulcers.

Second: cucumber, cucumber contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, rich in nutrients, fresh taste crisp and refreshing.

Third: Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage in the dietary fiber and vitamin a content is high, can alleviate eye fatigue, can also beauty, but peptic ulcer is not suitable to eat.

Fourth: mung bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts have the function of removing cholesterol and fat accumulation in the blood vessel wall, preventing the formation of fat under the skin, and preventing cardiovascular disease.

Fifth: bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots with low fat, low sugar, multi fiber characteristics, is a natural low-fat, low calorie food, obesity is the best diet.

Sixth: tomatoes, tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, can protect vision, repair skin after sun.

Seventh: pepper, pepper is all vegetables in the vitamin C content of the most abundant food, eat more pepper can help people improve their immune ability.

Eighth: pickled vegetables, edema obese people can not eat, so as to avoid body fluid retention.

Ninth: papaya, papain, can decompose fat into fatty acids Papaya contains an enzyme, which is conducive to human absorption.

Tenth: pineapple, rich in nutrients, can help the digestion of protein.

The above is the list of low calorie diet foods. What are you involved in? However, you can't only eat low calorie foods in daily diet. You need nutrition matching and balanced diet. Otherwise, it is easy to lead to malnutrition and excessive weight loss. In addition, you need to exercise properly, exercise outdoors, and effectively adjust the balance of various indicators to achieve the goal of weight loss 。