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What brand of eye cream is good after 30 years old? 9 brands of eye cream worth recommending

After the age of 30, women's aging speed will be very fast, and various skin problems will come one after another, especially the skin around the eyes. Wrinkles, light spots, dark circles, yellow complexion & hellip; & hellip; these are very common phenomena, so what brand of eye cream is better after the age of 30?

What eye cream do you use at 30

1. Bobbi Brown / Bobbi Brown high moisturizing eye cream

With the moisturizing eye cream of avocado oil and natural aloe, it can lighten the fine lines of the skin around the eyes, enhance the moisturizing function of the skin, make the area around the eyes in a saturated and tender state, strengthen the relaxation of tired skin, and make the eyes shine bright and attractive.

User experience: I didn't expect Bobbi Brown, who is making up, would also launch such a good eye cream. It has a white frost like texture, sufficient moisture, non greasy, and soothing effect. It's suitable for emergency treatment in dry environment. The dry lines are not obvious immediately. Maybe it's also because of the make-up. This eye cream is super suitable for the use before the make-up, and it's not easy to take off the make-up~

2. Free breathing / freedayskin active anti wrinkle eye cream (over 30 years old)

Selected extracts of millet grass, refined wheat germ oil, blueberry extract and Ma Qiaolan extract, provide adequate nutrition for eye skin, effectively improve the elasticity of fibrous tissue, and quickly penetrate nutrients to the bottom of the skin. Xiaomai extract, rose essence and other skin tightening ingredients can relieve the fine lines on the skin surface and improve the deep aging wrinkles, so that the skin around the eyes is full and full of natural luster.

User's experience: the effect I use is very good. It's a good product. It has no allergy and won't grow fat particles. The dark circles seem to be a little lighter. The moisturizing effect is praiseworthy. The eyes are very comfortable all day long. The eyes are moist. It seems that the dry lines will not come out this winter. I think it's a rare eye cream in the middle position. 30g is twice as good as ordinary eye cream.

3. Lancome eye cream

It contains sunflower extract and MexoryLSX UV filter system to effectively protect eyes and restore smooth and bright eye skin. It can inject oxygen ingredients into delicate eyes, gently massage and release sunflower essence to cope with environmental aging and repel the fine lines of the eye.

User experience: because of the nature of my work, I have to face the computer for more than 10 hours every day, and often stay up late. I feel that the effect of the used eye cream is better, especially for the fine lines caused by water shortage. Other effects are not seen yet. The texture is also very clear and tender, and the eyes are moist after use in winter

4. Chamzonepleasium eye cream

It is refined according to the characteristics of eye skin, replenishes moisture to dry eye skin, increases elasticity, and keeps you healthy. Add a clean, transparent mulberry white skin extract, vitamin C and other plant ingredients to your eyes, care for your tired eye skin, transparent and smooth.

User experience: a super soft eye cream, I used to hate eye cream, because used a lot of eye cream texture is very 'hard', and then used this to think it's pretty good, soft, very moist, absorption of anything is OK, the specific effect is still to be verified, not seen for the moment ~ it's used to make makeup before bottoming is good.

5. Bio spring / Biotherm olive youth twice source eye cream

Specially concentrated essence formula, precisely acts on the skin cell, guarantees the best absorption. It contains double effective ingredients: anti oxidant ingredients with double protective effect, resisting the first trace of years, extreme smoothness essence, instantly reducing fine lines and lasting effect. The skin becomes softer and more radiant.

User experience: the long grass DD finally failed some time ago. Thank you for coming to Hong Kong and bringing it back to me. It's worth saying that absorption is really good. It's not greasy at all. The color is a bit like the green of the bottle. It feels super natural. I don't know if I'm too sensitive. I'll get used to it later. It relieves the false dry lines, but it doesn't help the expression lines. Oh, by the way, it's a long time to forget about moisturizing.

6. Helena / HR vitamin a pure eye cream

Light and thin texture, vitamin A intensive strengthening system strongly penetrates the skin, promotes cell renewal, and desalinates deep wrinkles and skin defects around the eyes caused by the slow metabolism of epidermal cells. Innovative slow-release technology brings constant energy for skin renewal. Use at night, double skin's absorption and utilization of nutrients.

User's experience: the texture is white and frosty, which makes people think it's thicker. You need to spread it on your finger abdomen before pressing it around your eyes, otherwise it's more difficult to pull the skin around your eyes. But vitamin A is super anti-aging, so it's good to stick with it. If you're old enough and have enough budget, you can try it.

7. Pastein / placentin Firming Eye Cream

It can promote the circulation, nourish and resist wrinkles, enhance the tightening and elasticity, and comprehensively improve the problems of black eye circles, looseness, pouch, puffiness, dry lines and fine lines.

User experience: I bought it in March, and it has been used now. The effect is really visible. I used to have two fine lines under my eyes. If I don't laugh now, I can't see it. But I don't have eye bags and dark circles, so other effects can't be verified to my parents. I hope there is no dependency. After all, it's not cheap to say & hellip; & hellip;

8. Guerlain / Guerlain hydrated youth reducing eye cream

Hydrated youthful eye cream, the cream of life, has an incomparable ability to replenish water. It keeps moisturizing for 24 hours a day. At the same time, the eye skin is fully protected, regeneration ability and resistance are greatly increased.

User experience: it's not unreasonable to say that the key to anti wrinkle is to replenish water, so I lost this super moisturizing eye cream, and my purse immediately flattened & hellip; & hellip; It's exaggerating to say that it lasts for 24 hours to replenish water, but it's really a long time to moisturize. At least my eyes are full of moistening after I've applied it all morning, but I still need to insist on getting rid of fine lines.

9. Estee Lauder / Estee Lauder Double nourishing White Gold Eye Cream

Estee Lauder United two famous universities in the world. It took eight years and many leading technologies in the world. Finally, she extracted the magic precious flower time factor from the ancient plants to prevent aging and stay young, and made a major breakthrough in life genes. The rare platinum defense enzyme quietly caresses the fine lines, more times the defense of fine lines. Magic cold pressure extraction shepherd's Purse Blue seed oil, firm young contour, skin vitality. Rare South China Sea pearl powder, fade away the skin tone, lighten the lustrous luster from inside.

User experience: I was attracted to the counter by the advertisement. After a little trial, I felt super good. My eyes looked like a real one. With BA's "small sample attack", I finally got it. Anyway, it was easy to push it away with just a little bit. So it's saved. The texture is not thick but very moist. But I don't know why the effect is not as good as the original one. It's estimated that the skin has absorbed it It's almost there. There are a lot less fine lines.

30-year-old anti wrinkle method

1. This is the key period to control wrinkles

Wrinkles began to appear around the eyes, chin, neck and forehead at this age. Different from the previous dry lines with water shortage, this kind of wrinkles have shallow traces even when they don't make expressions, but the generation time is not long. Although it has surpassed the epidermis, it has no deep traces like 'knife carving'. At this point, we should choose professional anti aging skin care products, control wrinkles in deeper directions, and prevent wrinkles in other parts.

2. Skin can be younger only if it is non-toxic

Human metabolism and lymph microcirculation are closely related to the skin's contour compactness. Once the lymphatics are damaged, the toxins and bad body fluids in the body are difficult to be discharged, leading to various problems such as dark aging, and the nutrition in skin care products is also difficult to be absorbed. At this stage, don't forget to "detoxify" the skin. The lymph massage technique of "finger drainage" and the facial Firming Massage Cream with the effect of promoting circulation and metabolism can help to thoroughly purify the skin.

3. cream + essential oil = Super nourishing cream.

At this age, dry and aging skin will be particularly obvious, especially in autumn and winter. No matter how much cream is applied, you can't 'feed' your skin. We should combine the cream with essential oil maintenance, only one yuan coin size moisturizing anti aging face cream, mix 3~4 drops of essential oil for massage, moisturizing effect is super.