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What are the most beautiful and close birds in the top ten?

There are many kinds of birds in nature, and many of them are sold after being bred by human beings. Some birds have beautiful calls and pleasant sounds. The most important thing is that they are not afraid of being close to people. This kind of bird is more popular. Xiaobian sorted out the top 10 most sticky birds for you. Let's see if there are any pet birds you like.

One, eight brother

Starling is a kind of stickier pet bird, which can imitate the calls of other birds and learn to talk. As long as careful training is unique. The price of Starling is not expensive, which is suitable for those novices.

2、 Budgerigar

Hupi parrot is a kind of pet bird with bright color and strong vitality. It is seldom sick and does not fear people. The price in the market is not very expensive for novices to raise. Parrots can learn how to talk.

3、 Thrush

Thrush is a kind of bird with beautiful appearance and beautiful voice. Its song is melodious, graceful and very pleasant. It's one of the top 10 most clingy birds. Mainly relying on insects for food is a better pet bird.

4、 Lark

Lark is a kind of bird with beautiful voice, which is called the singer on the grassland. Its voice is clear and sweet. The color of this bird is very rich. The common ones are red and blue. A pet bird that feeds mainly on insects.

Five, the young brother

Wren is a large pet bird with a clear and pleasant voice. It can also imitate the voice to produce a variety of melodic tones. It lives in the broad-leaved forest and bamboo forest. This kind of bird is beautiful and doesn't fear people. Eating wild fruits and insects. Generally, they are in groups or in pairs.

6、 Lovebirds

Lovebird is a kind of lively bird. Its beautiful appearance and pleasant voice have won many people's favor. But the song of lovebirds is monotonous, and people who like them all think it's very beautiful.

7、 Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a kind of small bird, which is lively and mainly feeds on insects and fruits. It's a kind of common cage bird. The most beautiful sound is the white hair around the eyes. It's one of the caged birds that many people like.

8、 Canary

Canary is a kind of relatively beautiful ornamental bird, which needs the guidance of the old bird to learn to sing. It is one of the top 10 most sticky birds. The body has yellow green with dark vertical lines. After artificial breeding, there are many birds with feather colors such as green, orange red and white.

Nine. Blackbird

Blackbird is the national bird of Sweden. A popular cage bird with brown feathers and beak. It is wild and hard to domesticate. Generally, artificial feeding mainly feeds on insects, berries and earthworms.

Ten. Cormorant.

Cormorant is a kind of special pet bird, which is rich in species and often used for fishing by human training. It is a lovely bird that has a pouch under its throat and is good at swimming and diving. It lives in rivers, lakes, islands and other places.