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It's the "hotbed" of leukemia in the refrigerator. Tell the family after reading it!

With the improvement of people's quality of life, people will pay more attention to the nutrition of food and the diversity of vitamins they need. In order to ensure a balanced intake of nutrients, people will buy a large number of ingredients, with meals. Put the food you can't finish in the fridge. But it's harmful to put some food in the refrigerator for a long time. What we're going to say today is that the food will become a hotbed of leukemia. However, many people don't know yet. Please tell your family after reading it!

People all know that the newly decorated new house can't be moved in immediately because there is a large amount of formaldehyde in the air of the new house, which can't be seen in the air, but can be clearly smelled by nose. This kind of substance in the air, if people live in such money for a long time, will damage our body. In addition to formaldehyde in the newly decorated house, there is also a substance harmful to human health in the refrigerator used by every household in daily life. It is not only the culprit of leukemia but also the hotbed of leukemia. Many people don't know it.

It has been exposed by the media. It's the food we will eat in our daily life. It's the alkali noodles that are often sold in the market. It's estimated that many people have bought and eaten alkaline noodles. It's different from the fresh rolled noodles we usually buy. Usually, the fresh noodles we buy will break after two days. However, if we dry them or freeze them in the refrigerator, it will be convenient to store and extend the storage time.

But the fresh alkali noodles sold on the market can be stored for a long time even if you don't dry them. This is because there is a lot of methanol in them. If you put the alkali noodles with methanol in the refrigerator, the methanol will volatilize very quickly, and the harm is very great. It is the hotbed of leukemia. Although it tastes good, it will harm our health. If you buy it, don't put it in the refrigerator.

The refrigerator we use all year round can not only extend its service life, but also play its function healthily. Usually, we can put some grapefruit peel or orange peel in the refrigerator at home. It can not only absorb the harmful gas in the refrigerator, but also purify the air in our ice box.

The majority of netizens, read quickly tell their families, usually do not buy the alkali noodles into the refrigerator, eat really bad for the body!