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How to release agricultural products on Taobao without business license? List of steps to release ag

many novice Taobao businesses need business licenses to upload and issue agricultural products on Taobao. So, how to issue agricultural products on Taobao without business licenses? Here is a list of steps to release agricultural products on Taobao.

how to issue business license for agricultural products on Taobao? The first step is to click "publish baby" in the seller center, as shown in the figure below

The second step is to search the category of 'fruits', for example: we choose aquatic meat / fresh fruits and vegetables / cooked food & gt; & gt; fresh fruits & gt; & gt; apples as shown in the figure below

The third step is to write down the attributes carefully. The most important thing is to choose the packing method. We choose 'other'

Step 4: set the price and upload the main figure as shown in the figure

Step 5: we upload the designed details page and mobile phone details page, and set the lucky fee

OK, so that our agricultural products will be released successfully, without a business license.

matters needing attention:

Please note: if you choose "package or bulk" as the packing method, you will set up the information related to "food safety", which requires the business executive

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