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The price of the first batch of 5g mobile phones goes against the sky from 8000 yuan

Today, China Mobile released the 5g terminal strategy. Next year, the first batch of mass-produced 5g mobile phones will be launched one after another, but the price will not be too low. According to the price of 5g mobile phones released, it is estimated that there are not many that can be bought.

according to the prediction of China Mobile, in the 5g pre commercial stage in 2019, the test and pre commercial 5g terminals may be more than 30, of which the price of 5g mobile phones is expected to be more than 8000 yuan, but by 2020, the 5g scale commercial stage, the commercial terminal categories will be further enriched, which is expected to reach more than 60, and the threshold of 5g mobile phones may be reduced to more than 1000 yuan. Will you start?