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What's the tiktok? Maotai sister's magic music, tiktok, and fire

Hello, I feel that life has reached its peak. The name of this song is "hello". Tiktok is what tiktok is the most popular song. The magic music is a brainwash. What is it? Actually, it is not a complete song. It comes from a video recorded by a netizen on the shaking voice, "duo and Mao Mao". However, netizens have already had visual fatigue, and still hope to have new songs.

In the video, the singer has yellow hair and exaggerated expression. The lyrics are very magical. The local dialect is still used. After adding music, it's not funny. The main idea of the lyrics is to express the difference between the rural people and the urban people. Many netizens tried to imitate the song after hearing it. They recorded their own video. The song was played badly by the netizens.

The original singer and Maomao of this song also became popular on the Internet because of this video. We still pay attention to his other works, and find that many of his works are funny and funny. Now, he is finally recognized by the public with the song "hi ho". At present, his fans have paid more than 6 million attention and are highly sought after.

It is reported that this song is not a complete song. Tiktok is said to be a voice in order to show the difference between people in his city, so he used piano to match such a music, and netizens call it "plastic Putonghua".

Original lyrics content: good high; I feel that life has reached the climax, I feel that life has reached the peak, so shocking, so dazzling, so colorful, that DJ is looking at me, he is looking at me.

According to the lyrics:

My aunt's skill in stewing fish is really at the top. Hi, I feel like I have reached the climax of my life

I had two meals of rice noodles on Saturday and two meals of hot pot on Sunday. Now I want to eat rice noodles. Hi

Well, hi, I should be able to reach the peak of my life after finishing these papers and pre