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Where can I get the certificate to Taiwan? What do I need to prepare to go to Taiwan

Taiwan is a place worth visiting and a beautiful place. Where can I apply for the certificate to go to Taiwan? What do I need to prepare to go to Taiwan? Friends in need come and have a look.

1、 To prepare the certificate for the group tour or individual free travel of mainland residents to Taiwan, you need to first handle: 1. Mainland resident's current pass to Taiwan issued by the mainland 2. Mainland's' signature to Taiwan '3. Taiwan's entry permit issued by Taiwan. The following steps of the first certificate handling are explained in detail with Shenzhen as an example:

Pass for mainland residents to and from Taiwan issued by the mainland

1. Fill in the application form for examination and approval of mainland residents to and from Taiwan, and make an appointment to go to the nearby handling authority.

2. For the first pass, you need to bring the receipt of digital photo collection of Guangdong entry exit certificate. You can go to the physical photo studio to obtain or use the latest happiness Photo Gallery of the public security department to upload your own photos to generate the receipt.

3. Go to the authority to apply for the certificate in person according to the appointment time, and submit the copy of the applicant's ID card and household register, the original copy for inspection, and the color photo of the bareheaded half body on the front (specification: 40mm & times; 30mm). Price: 30 yuan per pass; 20 yuan per endorsement. Validity: 5 years for Taiwan pass, 6 months for endorsement.

Time limit for application: 10 working days for the first application, renewal or reissue of Taiwan pass. Hold the valid Taiwan pass issued by the city to apply for endorsement again, and complete within 5 working days.

Taiwan entry certificate issued by Taiwan

Taiwan entry permit needs to be applied for with Taiwan Immigration Department, so Ctrip / Taobao / travel agency should be entrusted to handle it. Take Ctrip for example:

1. One month before the expected departure time, the entry permit shall be issued by the Taiwan immigration administration, with a fixed quota per day. In Ctrip's official website, we select visa endorsement business and Taiwan entry permit.

2. Upload the required materials: (1) passport of mainland residents to Taiwan, color scanning copy of endorsement (2), electronic version or scanning copy of color certificate with inch white background (3) color scanning copy of ID card of students (4) color scanning copy of school certificate (4) color scanning copy of asset certificate of non students (one out of three)

1. Certificate of assets: Certificate of fixed deposit of RMB 50000 or above

2. Certificate issued by the company with an annual income of more than 125000 yuan (inclusive)

3. Front color scanning copy of gold card and higher credit card of credit card (5). Default guarantee: guarantee letter signed by the guarantor, ID card of the guarantor and scanning copy of personal page of account book

Wait for the successful application of the entry permit (about 30 working days). After receiving the electronic copy of the entry permit, it will be printed out and saved in color by laser. When entering Taiwan, an entry permit and a Taiwan pass are required.

Price: agent charges 160-400

Period of validity: the period of validity of the entry permit is three months from the date of issuance, and you can play in Taiwan for 15 days with the entry permit (from the second day of entry, you must leave on the 15th day, so it can be referred to as stay for 16 days and 15 nights for short)

Processing time limit: generally about 30 days according to the amount of inbound tourists.

2、 The general currency of the capital reserve in Taiwan is: New Taiwan dollar

There are 1000, 500 and 100 yuan notes and 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 yuan coins.

1. Exchange some new Taiwan dollars and take them to Taiwan: at present, only the Bank of China provides the exchange of new Taiwan dollars, and it needs to make an appointment one day in advance. Since 100 yuan is about NT $500, each person can exchange NT $3000.

2. At present, only the Bank of China provides the exchange of Taiwan dollars, and it needs to make an appointment one day in advance. You can make an appointment for store exchange on the official website of Bank of China.

3. As 711 convenience stores in Taiwan are everywhere, there are ATM ATMs, and debit cards with UnionPay can be withdrawn from ATM ATMs with UnionPay logo.

4. Both shopping malls and convenience stores in Taiwan provide UnionPay card service, so the cash in NT $is only used for night market, taxi and other purposes.

3、 External traffic

Taiwan's two major international airports: Taipei Taoyuan International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport

Take Shenzhen as an example. There are as many as 20 direct flights to Taipei Taoyuan airport every day. There will be a discount if you buy a round-trip ticket!

Partners from other provinces and cities can choose to fly directly or transfer from Hong Kong. There are more options for travelling from Hong Kong to Taipei: Taipei Songshan Airport, Kaohsiung International Airport and Taipei Taoyuan airport.

It's about 45 minutes' drive from Taoyuan International Airport to downtown Taipei. Songshan Airport can take the subway to Taipei city.

4、 Internal traffic

1 subway

Taiwan is called "MRT". At present, only Taipei and Kaohsiung have MRT, which can be paid with a leisurely card, and Kaohsiung MRT can be paid with a one-way card, or one-way ticket and full-time ticket.

Youyou card has a wide range of uses. It can be used by Taipei MRT, Hotels with youYou card logo or convenience stores. Before leaving Taiwan, you can go through the card return formalities at the MRT station.

2, taxi.

Taiwan is called 'taxi',

At present, Taipei takes off at NT $75 for 1.25 km, and continues at NT $20 per km. Tainan takes off at NT $85 for 1.25 km. Taxis in Taiwan do not need to pay taxes, so there is no formal invoice, only the driver's handwritten receipt, usually the license plate number and the driver's name need to be filled in by the passengers themselves.

3, buses

Most of Taiwan's buses can use leisure card, which can be divided into three ways of swiping card: swiping card when getting on the bus, swiping card when getting off the bus and swiping card when getting on and off the bus. Pay attention to swiping card when getting on the bus.

In addition, buses in Taichung are free within 10 kilometers.

4, high speed rail

From north to south, high-speed rail is open to traffic in the west of Taiwan. From Taipei, there are stops: Taichung, Jiaying, Tainan, Kaohsiung Zuoying. If you want to play along the western route, it is recommended to take high-speed rail as a means of transportation, which is fast and frequent. High speed rail tickets can be purchased on the spot, or the exchange code of early bird tickets can be purchased on the travel website or a treasure. At that time, just provide the exchange code at the manual ticket window to inform the staff of which shift of high-speed rail you need to pick up the ticket~

5, train

Taiwan's trains are all over the island loop, the only railway transportation to the east of Taiwan. Although it takes a long time, most of the railway stations are closer to the city and the tickets are cheap, so they are also popular! Some of the interior decoration of the trains is even the same as that of the subway. It can be seen that it is the most convenient way of transportation in Taiwan. Some short distance train lines can be taken by swiping a leisurely card without buying a ticket. However, the long-distance train tickets in Taiwan are quite tense, so we need to go to the official website of Taiwan train tickets 15 days in advance to purchase the required flights. At this time, we need to use a dual currency credit card for payment! After buying the train ticket, you can pick up the ticket in the manual ticket window.

5、 Communication mode

1 phone card Taipei Airport has the business hall of major operators in Taiwan, which will offer unlimited phone cards for tourists: 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 10-day and 15 day cards. You can go to Taipei Airport to buy according to your own needs or directly through a treasure website in the mainland.

2, portable WiFi

WiFi with you can apply on major travel websites, go to the mainland airport to collect and return to the receiving point. Because Xiaoluo bought unlimited traffic phone cards, it is not so important to take WiFi with him. It is suggested that partners who buy phone cards do not need to buy WiFi.

6、 Green card

The youth card is a free travel card issued by Taiwan tourism administration to attract young people to explore Taiwan and travel to Taiwan. You can get some discount in the Forbidden City, Taipei 101 and other scenic spots with this young card partner. There are many MRT stations and railway stations. If you meet one, you can apply for one as a souvenir~

7、 Tourist routes

1. Eastern Ring Road: from Taipei to Taiwan, from Kaohsiung to Taiwan, can also reverse.

Taipei: Palace Museum, 101 building, Tanshui, Jiufen, Beitou

Taichung: Donghai University, miywon Ophthalmology, Qingjing farm

Jiaying: Alishan, Riyuetan, Tainan: ancient food, historic sites

Kaohsiung: the British Consulate of the second special art zone and dog beating

Kenting: beach, aquarium overnight

2. Northern Ring Road: after entering Taiwan from Taipei, you can travel along the Northern Line and leave Taiwan from Taipei.

Taipei: the Palace Museum, 101 building

Danshui and Beitou: Fisherman's Wharf, sulfur hot spring

Nine copies: mountain city, gold museum, gold rush experience

Taichung: Donghai University, Qingjing farm

Hualian: clear water cliff, natural scenery

Taipei: shopping

3. Taiwan tour around the island: from Taipei into Taiwan, after a week around the island from Taipei out of Taiwan. It's a long journey, and it's still very tense after playing for 15 days.

Taipei: Palace Museum, scholar's residence, presidential palace

Taichung: Donghai University, Qingjing farm Jiaying: Alishan, Riyuetan, Tainan: ancient food, historic sites

Kaohsiung and Kenting: Tui II Art Zone, ocean hall overnight

Hualien: a natural scenery tour

Jiufen, Pingxi line: Golden Museum, Jiufen old street

Danshui plus Beitou: Fisherman's Wharf, sulfur hot spring

Taipei: shopping

After choosing a good tour route, you can start to make a tour plan! First, determine each place's favorite scenic spot, and then determine the time spent in each place. Finally, connect the transportation mode with the place, and a special tourist route will be available!! Enjoy your tour.