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What is tiktok? Northeast waist sister is on fire

Come on, brother what's up? Tiktok is actually a sister selling a barbecue in Heilongjiang. Whenever a regular visitor goes to her shop, she will say, 'come, brother. Some netizens made her voice tiktok and later it was on fire!

ID can't help but burn his body. He can't help but want to eat barbecue. He always goes to the barbecue shop of his waist sister tiktok.

Because this brother often goes to visit, so the waist elder sister will say "here comes the elder brother". Coupled with the waist sister's bright voice, these four words become very magical. It's also because every time it's like this, so these four words are on fire. At the same time, it's also on fire for sister Yaozi. Many netizens call "coming brother" as devil calling.

This netizen once shot a short video. When she opened the toilet, it was sister Yaozi who was saying: 'come on, brother'. When she opened the door, she was also sister Yaozi. When she opened the mirror, she was sister Yaozi. When she opened the quilt, she was also sister Yaozi. In this way, many buffeting friends are enchanted by this video and enter the pit.

'come on, brother', which seems to be a very common sentence, but it's said in sister Yaozi's mouth, but it's very magical. Many netizens said: 'poisoned', 'unable to extricate themselves',' you should say hello! Then sister Yaozi said 'brother' and 'the passionate aunt who can't go away'.

Here comes my brother's expression bag

This magic sister is known as Heilongjiang's tiktok, whose voice accounts now have hundreds of thousands of fans. I have to say that her "tiktok" is really too magic! Her vibrato number is 1453710570, called Heihe waist sister. If you like it, pay more attention to it ~!