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What does it mean that men are big pig feet? What is the stem of big pig's hoof

What make complaints about pig's trotters pig's trotters? What do you mean by men? They are all big pig hoof. What are the men's hoof? What do they mean? They are disguised as male representatives.

Men are big pig hooves. What's the stem

Men are big pig hooves, which are usually used by girls to diss men's changing heart and not counting their words.

Make complaints about men make complaints about girls when they make complaints about girls. When they catch up with their hands, they immediately change their attitudes. When they pursue, they can't wait to stick to girls. After they catch up, they feel bored with girls. They can also be used to Tucao boys. They are puzzled by iron and steel. They used to see the moon calling Britney Spears. Now they call people Mrs. Niu … … in short, it's a universal Tucao language.

We can generally understand the word as a sentence that is not unfamiliar to all of us, that is, 'men have no good things' and' men are liars'.

Men are big pig hooves. What do you mean

Men are big pig hooves, which means that men don't count what they say, and they don't have a good thing.

It was in August 2017 that a group of "men are big hooves" expression packs were known by netizens and began to become popular on the Internet.

Nowadays, there are many topics on micro-blog, such as straight men's speech, 'no good boyfriend's outstanding group', 'talking about a false love affair' and so on. Often make complaints about some boys who are not strong enough to make their girlfriends angry.