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Popular stem in 2018 what's the most popular stem in 2018?

2018 is about to pass. How many of you in this year's active love network know about the more popular stems in a year? Today, I've made a list of the more popular stems in 2018. Come and have a look.

Arrange it.

Recently, the most popular Internet users have to "arrange", which means "arrange" and "arrange". Many of them are confused. At first tiktok was from the jitter and fire. Now, regardless of micro-blog, the post bar reviews are all fancy arrangements, and of course there are many arrangements for facial expression packages.

Unfaithful man

"Big pig hoof" is also a stem of fire in 2018. It seems that it's scolding men, but it's a kind of coquetry to say it from girls. Close your eyes and feel the tone 'hum, all men are big pig hooves!' it seems a little cute to think about it, big pig hooves, and I don't know who first thought of the word, which is very appropriate to describe men.

Confirmed eyes

It's estimated that Lin Junjie himself didn't think that the most humble line of "drunk Red Cliff" has become a stem in the mouth of many netizens. The best one is the perfect combination of Grandpa Mao's expression bag and this stem.

Piggy's tattoo and applause to the public.

Obviously, it is a cartoon seen by a kid. As a result, adults come to fight around the world. Piggy page is really playing all kinds of tricks. Now piggy page has become a symbol of the society. I'm afraid you're not afraid of it. You don't wear a piggy watch on your wrist. You don't feel like a piglet in your body.

Play Naughty

The word "naughty" is really very sentimental, but it seems a lot more interesting to replace it with "Pi Pi". Leather can do, leather tens of thousands can not do, leather although not useful, but really very happy, today you skin?

A strong desire for survival

To know how strong a man's desire for survival is, it depends on how fast he responds to his wife or girlfriend. In the face of various tests of his partner, he can accurately identify the traps and defuse them intelligently. It is not only the test of intelligence, but also the incentive of his desire for survival.

Laugh out of a pig

Tiktok is a lot of fun. Many people laugh and people doubt life. Netizens have created this word to describe the laughter which is not described. It's funny, too.

A cool song for you

Originally, it was a piece ending song in the TV play "three lives and three lives", which was quite pleasant to listen to, and then evolved into a "cool" stem. What remained unchanged was the wretched panda expression bag. The word "cool" was given the meaning of being shot by everyone. A cool was given to yourself, and accompanied by a lonely expression bag, perfect!

Swimming and fitness

Swimming and fitness? Milk tea? Weight loss? Cai Xukun? In this year's Internet catchwords, XXX's sentence patterns are also very popular. Because they are widely used, they are also popular with all netizens. To put it bluntly, Amway is it!

Sum, sum & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot;

When Lao Luo demonstrated the nut work station, there was a bug in the place where he wanted to sum up. He couldn't respond to it all the time, and there was a speech recognition error. So, the netizens made a paragraph: after work, everyone in the company left, only Lao Luo was still working, the light in the office was on, Lao Luo kept walking, and his mouth shouted: sum, sum....


It is often used in the sentence 'call for XX', which means cheer for XX and shout. The word does not mean to make a phone call, but a kind of culture of assistance, that is, fans under the stage follow the rhythm of music in concerts, according to certain rules, and spontaneously interact with performers on the stage by shouting, waving fluorescent sticks and other ways. With the broadcast of a talent show, the word "call" is often used to express approval and support for someone or something.