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What should I do if the heating at home is too dry? What are some humidification tips?

It's been a long time in winter. The heating at home has been supplied early. The temperature at home has risen, but the air is not circulating and very dry, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. The solution is to increase the air humidity. What should we do at home at ordinary times?

The first method is to put several bottles of water at home:

This method is the most commonly used, simple and practical method, which is to use mineral water bottle to hold several bottles of water, then tighten the bottle cap, and then put the mineral water bottle on the radiator; in this way, the water in the mineral water bottle can be evaporated, so as to achieve the effect of indoor air humidification.

The second method is to put several basins of water in the house:

This method used to be very common, especially for the elderly, which is very simple. That is to take a few pots of water and put it in a corner of the house; The humidification effect of this method is better than that of the first method. The disadvantage is that the basin occupies a large area, affects the appearance, and sometimes it is not noticed.

The third way is to buy a humidifier at home:

Now many families have begun to use humidifier. The effect of humidifier must be better than the first method and the second method. We all know how to use it; We should pay attention to the use of humidifier, do not open it 24 hours a day, which may cause excessive humidity at home, and is also harmful to the body. The individual of household chores thinks that the humidifier works best at night.

the fourth method is to place several pots of hydroponic plants at home:

Hydroponics plants are raised by filling open containers with water, so that they can also be humidified. In fact, the principle is the same as the second method.

The fifth way is to air the clothes on the radiator:

This method is aimed at the radiator. If it is the floor heating, there is no way to use it. The way is that after we wash the clothes and dry them with the dryer, we will put the clothes on the radiator directly, so that we can not only humidify the indoor air, but also air the clothes and kill two birds with one stone.