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Eat peanut after all lose weight or gain weight? People who want to lose weight will get fat if they

I always feel that people around me seem to be losing weight. It's winter. Shouldn't we hoard more fat and make up for the things we dare not eat in summer? Xiaobian has a friend who weighs 110 Jin and wants to control his weight to 100 Jin. He doesn't dare to eat all kinds of things. Recently, I haven't even touched the staple food. I'm really worried about her.

What Xiaobian wants to say is that if you eat some high calorie ingredients during weight loss, you need to be prepared for the corresponding consumption of calories. But in the process of weight loss, what we need to do more is to balance nutrition, especially for people who do not eat meat, we should pay attention to the supplement of protein and iron to avoid anemia.

Finally, people who want to lose weight also need to pay attention to the supplement of nuts. Nuts have high nutritional value and can provide a variety of nutrients for the body. For example, you can eat peanuts, but some people say, I eat peanuts every day, why does my weight increase?

Eat peanuts everyday, can you lose weight or gain weight?

Peanut is a very healthy food material. Compared with other nuts, it has the same nutritional components, and the protein content can reach about 20%. It has the advantages of strengthening the spleen and stomach, protecting cardiovascular health, tonifying the middle and Qi, etc.

In addition to the peanut itself, there are also peanut leaves. In the related research, it is also found that it is beneficial to the people with insomnia symptoms, as well as the peanut shell, and the people with hyperlipidemia. It can be seen that peanuts can be used as part of our normal diet.

From the point of view of weight loss, the calories and fat content of peanuts are not low. The fat can be as high as 40%. For fried peanuts, the fat and calories are even higher.

But it can't be denied that peanuts are also rich in dietary fiber. This nutrient can be called a "good helper" to help lose weight. It can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce the accumulation of metabolic products in the body, and also reduce the total amount of food consumption. What we need to pay attention to is the time of eating peanuts.

When is the best time to eat peanuts?

The healthy choice for peanuts is to eat raw peanuts and boiled peanuts. This kind of peanut is good for weight loss. It is suggested that you eat it before meals or when you are hungry in the morning and afternoon. Each person can control 15-20 peanuts per day.

But if it's fried peanuts, even when you eat them, it's not good for weight loss. Especially before you go to bed, when you eat fried peanuts, you will eat a lot of wine. When you eat them in your stomach, you will only accumulate more fat, affect the health of your liver, and increase the probability of fatty liver.

Eating like this is a way to gain weight. Therefore, peanut is a double-edged sword. If you know how to eat it, you will lose weight.