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Can warm baby stick on the skin directly? Precautions for using warm baby

in cold winter, warm baby will become the favorite of many girls and people who are afraid of cold. Can warm baby paste directly on the skin? Not directly on the skin. Although the heat source temperature of warm baby is low, it may cause low temperature scald in human body for a long time. Pregnant women can paste warm baby? Today Xiaobian will come to talk about this topic with you.

Why warm baby stickers can burn the skin? Studies have shown that the heat source temperature is more than 44 ℃, which may lead to low temperature burns. Scald may also be caused when the heat source at 70 ℃ is exposed for more than one minute and the heat source at 60 ℃ is exposed for more than five minutes.

Because the heating temperature of the warm baby patch can exceed 60 ℃, the body will be red when it is exposed locally, which is the manifestation of low temperature scald. Both the electric heat treasure and the hot water bag filled with boiling water may cause low temperature scald, which should be paid attention to when using.

It should not be ignored that in the early stage of low temperature scald, just after leaving the heat source such as warm baby patch, blisters or redness will appear on the skin surface, which is not very serious, but the subcutaneous tissue may have been damaged or even necrosis by the temperature of warm baby patch. If not dealt with in time, the trauma can easily become festering and develop to the depth. If it occurs in heel, tibia and other parts, the wound may even reach bone.

Therefore, we must not ignore the low temperature scald, we must pay attention to avoid it, and deal with it in time in case of scald.

Can pregnant women warm their babies?

The product description clearly states that pregnant women should use it with caution. Because pregnant women are more sensitive, some of the constitution is weaker and have strong rejection reaction, which will produce inappropriate reaction to external stimulation.. Especially near the navel, it will increase the sensitivity, so it is recommended not to use.