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Tiktok or Kwai Fu? Tiktok: what's the difference between the two Kwai?Tiktok tiktok Kwai Kwai,

, is the emergence of a trembling sound, and has taken a wave of attention and traffic flow. Tiktok Kwai, what's the difference? Come and have a look.

Kwai's mass base is deep, more like the early Taobao. Tiktok focuses more on quality, like the early Jingdong. If Taobao is the first generation of e-commerce, Jingdong is the second generation of e-commerce. No one is good or bad, positioning is different. But please note: the most primitive gene, or will determine the fate of an enterprise for life.

The development of tiktok is beyond my expectation. Obviously, I am not suitable for investors.

Last June, I ran into an old friend in the subway. She was making investment at that time. Her main projects were VR and culture. I met my old friend in the subway and was very surprised. We forced the media people to take the subway, bus and bike all day long. I didn't expect that as an investor, she would wear a hollow suspender skirt and also take the subway.

We didn't get together in the subway for a long time. We talked about her VR project. At that time, VR investment began to cool down, and her focus was also shifting. Chatting tiktok, she suddenly asked: do you know the people who tremble? We want to put it in?

That was the first time I heard tiktok.

Tiktok came back to the studio and asked the buddy after 90, they said that some young people were playing, but there were not many people. At that time, the trembling sound was mainly based on short tiktok music, and the audience was narrower. Then I looked for tiktok's friends to help me check the background data, and found that the number of users was not much different from other short video platforms. So, I left this "little guy" behind. Subconsciously, I felt that in the fierce competition of short video, an app with such a narrow positioning would not go too far.

I didn't expect that when I noticed this app again, countless people were poisoned!

Tiktok Kwai can see no sound from the telescope last June. But this year Kwai's momentum is beginning to strain tiktok.

Tiktok tiktok is a high school girl first tier cities playing a jitter.

Understanding has always been biased against live broadcasting: most of the content is nutrient free, and even a little low, wasting precious time. I always thought that the majority of people who play live broadcast are those who are very idle and mentally empty. Just like I resisted Taobao in my early years, I resisted live broadcasting. Especially in the summer of 2016, a cruel story, a video software in rural China, although this article was written Kwai Fu, I put all the live platforms into the bottom.

Tiktok tiktok was surprised when she saw her daughter playing with a trembling voice. When her daughter told me that her senior high school classmates were playing with a jitter, I was really shocked. And ran to ask his nephew at University tiktok (a 985 University in Beijing). He said that there are not only a few of those who play in the school.

Then, after the Spring Festival, third tiktok data showed that the chattering on the line for only 500 days broke out:

In December 23, 2017 tiktok tiktok updated a version. After that, the trembling sound basically fell on the top three tiktok of App Store (the only frog in the middle was over the jitter), and long dominated.

According to QuestMobile data, from August 2017 to January 2018 tiktok's daily active users jumped from about 10 million to about 40 million, and the main growth came from this Spring Festival. Meanwhile, data from App Annie in February hit tiktok to seventh worldwide.

Kwai Kwai tiktok what's the difference between the quiver and the tiktok is still great, but the explosive force is indeed worth the concern of the industry researchers: why is there a space for the flare to be heard in the fast leading market leadership?

So I Kwai made a survey in my circle of friends: are you playing fast tiktok or playing with a jitter?

The result is Kwai vs: tiktok 42:1. Tiktok tiktok, that is to say, my friend circle has a small survey, except some friends like me, who do not play fast and play no jitter, and my friend is the dominant player in playing Kwai.

Kwai Kwai, tiktok, who was working at this time of investigation, reminded me that, "the composition of Chinese population is Pyramid, where you are near the tip of the tower above the waist. The users of the quiver are basically around you, and the fast users are the whole Pyramid. Therefore, it may be necessary to pay attention to the rationality of sample distribution when investigating and sampling. '

I buddy my Kwai Tung friend, tiktok, and his friends in the studio.

In addition, there is a small studio who claims to be from the 'eighteen line city', who tells us that Kwai Chun is home to her Spring Festival, and she is playing fast people all around.

The interesting Kwai Fu phenomenon is: most of the three users' circle of friends are only playing fast or playing only. But there are quite a few people who do not play tiktok, but two of them play very few. Two of them are not playing with a lot of people.

The conclusion comes out: the prejudice of understanding originally thought that the young people in small towns and the uncle in rural areas play short videos, but in fact, short videos have been layered, and different users gather on different platforms.

Kwai tiktok city also gives the general impression that users of the second tier cities play more than three or four lines of city. Eighteen tiktok said: I think people who read more read the jitter, and those who read less play tiktok.

Tiktok Kwai City, however, is not accurate in terms of urban division. According to the data of the easy view, the second tier city has higher penetration rate than Kwai Chung, and the faster than three line city penetration is higher than the jitter, but the jitter and fast hand are almost full coverage in all levels of the city.

Tiktok: the first two are the regional distribution of the fast user, and the second is the regional distribution of the Kwai users.

Perhaps, Kwai Kwai's friend said more accurately: the fast user is the whole Pyramid, and the users of the quiver may be more concentrated in the waist of tiktok in Pyramid. In this way, it is more reasonable to divide cities into tier one and tier two cities.

Why does this stratification occur?

Looking back at the outbreak path of short video: after the launch of short video in 2014, in the second half of 2016, it showed signs of replacing live broadcast as a new outlet, and it broke out in 2017. The outbreak of Kwai Fu is ahead of the whole industry, so there will be a 100 thousand + article on the bottom story in the summer of 2016.

In 2017, when short video broke out in an all-round way, problems in the industry began to be magnified, mainly in two aspects:

The first is that the whole industry is in the early stage of development. In order to attract more eyeballs and traffic, many content is on the fringes. Therefore, in the second half of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, the whole industry ushered in strict supervision.

The second is the commercialization problem, which is Kwai Fu. The number of Kwai users is huge, but these users who are mainly based on the Pyramid base have little room to cash in. So we saw that Kwai Fu launched the strategy of brand upgrading last year to the beginning of this year.

Supervision and realization have become the bottleneck of the development of the first generation of short video. Who can break through?

Tiktok understands that notes are the reason why the drill is so strong that Kwai has the opportunity to drill.

In October 2016, tiktok was the representative of the second generation of short video business.

Tiktok was already ready for fire when Kwai was ready, and there were 100 short video products that were good at home and abroad. Tiktok wants to make a new short video at that time. It must be something different.

Mobile phone manager Zhang Nan recalled that their team had installed more than 100 short video products on mobile phones, and they had a high tiktok: it was not good enough. 'Zhang Nan believes that short video can contain a lot of information, but the mainstream short video products at that time were relatively simple in video expression and lack of guidance. In fact, the rapid popularization of mobile Internet, the young users in the first and second tier cities are a group of people who are upgrading their consumption. They have no shortage of anything and have a wide vision. They know what is good and what is bad, and they are very demanding of good things. And the short video at that time could not bring them a "nice" surprise.

Kwai tiktok should have four or five years' time to start early, and the industry development stage is different and the location is different.

Kwai Kwai is a good word for everyone. It's the fastest way to put a good hand on the ordinary user's heart. We see that Kwai Fu ads are even endorsed by the lowest level of civilian users even if they are put on TV.

Tiktok Kwai's "tiktok" is the latest slogan of trembling. Later than the quiver of fast start business, it hopes to bring the sense of "good sense" to users. So, the platform has set up a good standard beyond the platform creation, and has guided users to experience and express the direction of "good" in the following ways through product and technical means. In fact, the product and operation of jitter are very worth dismantling, but tiktok is not the focus of this article.

Tiktok clearly sets a good standard. And restrained to maintain this tonality.

Tiktok Kwai is so natural that the user base is large, and the jitter is more suitable for some users who are pursuing. The problem is that all users live in the real society every day and watch the real short video every day, which will lead to aesthetic fatigue after a long time. And people's pursuit of good things will not stop.

Tiktok tiktok and the user time of fast user use are compared. We can see that the growth of users of Kwai Fu has slowed down a bit, and even during the Spring Festival (February), the Kwai has been in a fast rising channel over the past year.

What tiktok is early users are 90, 95, is a group of people who consume upgrades, especially after 95 young people in a second tier city. They are not short of anything. They have a wide range of vision. They know what is good and what is bad. They are very good at pursuing good things. Tiktok understands that the success of the jitter is catching up with the rise of the younger generation of users, and the consumption upgrade of the short video is also consistent with the normal rule of industrial development.

There are similar laws in the development of each industry. Take e-commerce as an example: Taobao's C2C model has a large coverage and rapid development, but JD's B2C is an upgraded version of C2C e-commerce, just like bringing users from the morning market into the mall. Do we see the early and fast hands of Taobao Kwai? While the jitter represents the upgrading of tiktok industry: from extensive to standard, from rough to fine, from basic demand to spiritual demand.

Tiktok, of course, saw the intention of upgrading the brand at the end of last year, and the Kwai Yin also appeared as a "water changing oil" with the expansion of the user scale. But understand notes that two different genes, the fate curve will be different.

The upgrade of Kwai Chi will be extremely difficult. It's like Taobao has been upgrading, but for more than ten years, it has been found that it can't completely change the user's impression, so Ma Yun's father will let tmall be born. A "cruel bottom story, a video software of rural China" will be quickly Kwai settled in the base of Pyramid. Kwai Chai should not be thinking about brand promotion now. Instead, it should be based on such a huge user base and industry leading edge to hatch a 'Tmall' as soon as possible.

And the jitter will never make the tiktok mainstream. It's like saying that despite the success of in June 6