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What mobile phones are better to buy in the second half of 2018? In the second half of the year, it

The domestic mobile phones launched in the first half of 2018 can be described as various. In a simple way, there are various models to choose from, whether it is a comprehensive screen or a special-shaped screen, high-end flagship, middle end enough, low-end entry-level. What mobile phones are better to buy in the second half of 2018? Let's take a look at the second half of the year!

Meizu 16

Meizu 16 rendering

As a mobile phone that may be a big test of NiuDao by Huang Zhang, it basically determines the success or failure of Meizu this year. Huang Zhang's activity in the forum also exposed the basic configuration information of the model, which is not good for the price. At present, the media has decided to release it on August 8. According to the information above, the 16 series of Meizu are equipped with 845 and 6G ram and off screen fingerprint as standard, and there will be a high configuration combination of 8G + 128G. There are also copper tube heat dissipation, dual speakers, miengine linear motor, no NFC. The appearance has been basically determined. Similar to the Samsung S9 design, although it is not a curved screen, the frame is still narrow. Huang Zhang revealed in the forum that the starting price will not exceed 3000 yuan. At the same time, it will also release a midrange Meizu X8, Xiaolong 710 processor, which may use Liu Haiping, the direct competitor is Xiaomi 8se.

Millet MIX3

Comparison of millet mix3 and mix2s

Although the millet mix series has been updated as early as March, it can only be regarded as a configuration upgrade in terms of configuration and naming, so it is quite possible to release the mix3 this year. Recently, some users found that in the AI key mode of MIUI 10 system, a millet mobile phone that had never been seen before was displayed. From the appearance, compared with the front camera removed from the mix2s, the chin part became narrower. At present, the image has been deleted.

Unknown model appearance in settings

And referring to the real machine design drawing of millet mix3 exposed before, it seems that millet mix3 will cancel the front camera opening, which is very close to the design of full screen. It can be very bold to speculate that Xiaomi's mix3 is likely to use the same elevating front camera as vivo nex, considering that Xiaomi applied for the patent of elevating camera in 2015. There will be no big difference in other configurations, but the first Xiaolong 855 should be out of the question. Lenovo has already won the first Xiaolong 855 and 5g mobile phones.

Huawei mate 20

Huawei mate20 folk rendering

According to the last Huawei nova3i conference, the research and development of Kirin 980 processor is nearly completed and will be released in September. At that time, a new product launch will be held separately. There is no doubt that the first model is likely to be Huawei mate 20. According to the introduction, based on the 7Nm process technology, Kirin 980 adopts the architecture of four a77 cores and four A55 cores, with the highest main frequency of 2.8GhZ. The GPU is equipped with the graphics processor independently developed by Huawei, and its performance is about 1.5 times of that of Adriano 630 (Xiaolong 845), and the NPU is also improved.

In addition to the improvement in configuration, it is worth looking forward to what technologies are used in other more mature Leica three cameras, screen share, unlocking mode, fast charging and so on. After all, mate series is Huawei's most advanced model.


Oppo R17 screen

It has to be said that the find x brought by oppo this year really brightens people's eyes, and also makes netizens look at oppo as a brand. According to the photos of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the new oppo machine adopts the screen design of meimeijian, which is different from the common meimeijian. The screen of oppo R17 is more like an inverted triangle of bangs. From the back of the Ministry of industry and information technology, there is no post fingerprint. It is reported that oppo R17 is equipped with off screen fingerprint unlocking function. And according to netizens, oppo R17 has appeared on the variety show. Generally speaking, when it comes to sponsorship, it's not far from the release.

Vivo Xplay7

Internal ppt exposed by netizens

In the first half of the year, another amazing vivo nex was released, which is more stable than oppo find X. even so, many people are still waiting for vivo xplay 7. According to the latest news, vivo xplay 7 will launch 10GB of memory, adopt the dual channel technology of 6GB + 4GB ram, as well as the TOF 3D super induction technology disclosed by vivo some time ago may also be adopted by xplay 7.

TOF technology vs. 3D structured light technology

TOF 3D super induction technology has more advantages than the structured light technology adopted by iPhone x, such as the effective depth information point as high as 300000, working distance as high as 3M, and fewer components, which can be achieved under the screen. In fact, from off screen fingerprint unlocking to lift camera to TOF technology, vivo has brought us many surprises in recent years. I believe that the xplay series, as the top flagship of vivo, will never let people down.


Nut new machine model

In addition to the above models, there are nut Pro 3, Nubia z19, one plus 6T and so on that may be released in the second half of this year. One plus 6T should be the upgrade of configuration, or a small update of the screen shape following the supply chain (oppo). At present, the nut Pro 3 may only have 3C certification passed. The model is oe106. According to the positioning, it is likely to carry the snapdragon 710 processor. There will not be much change in the appearance. The screen may still be a special-shaped screen. Other information is not disclosed yet.

Nubia Z9 folk rendering

Nubia z19 was previously exposed to use the beauty point screen, and the front of the top was decorated with Nubia classic red circle. However, the source of information is not reliable. According to Nubia's technical attainments in borderless aspect, it should be as good as water in the era of comprehensive screen, but the fact is very cold. Currently, only the Nubia z17s released last year uses a 17:9 screen, which does not exclude Nubia's In this year's time, I'm holding back.

New iPhone model machine

But every autumn, there is a very important conference in the industry, which is the apple conference from California. Although it will be exposed completely every time, it will affect the progress of the whole industry more or less. Not surprisingly, this year's new iPhone will also be a banger screen, but with different screen materials and sizes, other details have not been known. The current situation is that people's expectations for Apple's press conference are getting lower and lower, while those for China's big manufacturers like huami ov are getting higher, because this year we did see different degrees of innovation in China's mobile phones. But Apple's current size can't be underestimated. Otherwise, it will receive a warning of "real fragrance" from the other side of the Pacific Ocean.