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What is a legion? What is the equipment of lol Corps

there are still many netizens playing lol at ordinary times. Many people don't know what the Legion is? What equipment is the lol corps? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

lol is the Holy Shield,

Item name: Legion shield

Item tag: magic resistance, armor, health

Total price: 2150

Composite price: 750

Price: 1347

Item attribute: + 250 HP, + 20 armor, + 20 magic resistance

Unique aura: increases nearby friendly's armor by 10 points, magic resistance by 15 points, recovers 10 points of life every 5 seconds (third season)

Required for synthesis: red crystal, cloth armor, anti magic Cape

S3 season update (version updated on August 21, 2013)

Item name: Legion shield

Item tag: magic resistance armor HP recovery

Total price: 1900

Synthetic price: 375

Item attribute: + 200 health points, + 20 armor points

Only aura - Legion: surrounding friendly Heroes gain 20 magic resistance and 10 hp recovery / 5 seconds

Required for synthesis: Red Crystal anti magic cloak heroic Badge

League of Heroes: many holy things are related to gods. For example, the Legion shield is related to solaca. After Soraka cursed the werewolf, he knew that God would not be able to bear it. And worried that he could not protect Ionia after losing his power. He taught some of the materials and magic he collected to karma, the spiritual leader of Ionia at that time, who was the most popular fan mother of the alliance and could be seen in almost every field. With the help of solaka, the fan mother completed the Legion shield. But later, with the alliance of Ionia and demacia, the defensive pressure in Ionia's war zone is not so great, and even there are signs of starting to counter attack. The effect of the Legion's Holy Shield is not obvious in the attack. The fan mother returns it to the star mother.

The above is about the introduction of the hero League corps, whether it's a master or a newcomer. It's very important to choose the right equipment, so we should think about it carefully. With good legion, no matter what kind of players can play the game of hero League. Finally, I wish you all a happy game.