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How often is the car best cleaned?

All cars have become very common. Everyone's travel becomes more convenient because of cars. I believe that many friends cherish their cars very much and will clean or decorate their cars. Among them, cleaning is particularly important, but cleaning is also moderate. How often do you wash them? What are the precautions for cleaning?

1. Wash three times a month

Why is it enough to wash three times a month? One of them is to wash the car frequently, which will accelerate the oxidation of the car's paint. Moreover, the air contains small grains of sand. The towels in the car wash shop will adhere to these more or less. When you wipe the car, they will rub with the car, causing small scratches. Maybe you can't see them at this time, but it will be very obvious after a long time. Second, when the quality of car wash fluid is uncertain, too many times of car washing, the car wash fluid adheres to the body, which will also cause paint damage.

2. Cleaning in rainy and snowy days

In rainy and snowy days, you must wash the car as soon as possible, because both rain and snow water are acidic. Acid rain will bring great damage to car paint and seriously affect the brightness of car paint.

And when running outside, the dirty water and mud splashed in rainy and snowy days will also hide in the gap of the chassis. If you don't clean it for a long time, the car will rust easily.

What are the precautions for washing the car

1. Wash the car carefully in cold water in summer. This will have an impact on the paint surface of the car. If it is serious, it will cause the car paint to crack.

2. When washing the car, it's better not to wash it at noon. If possible, it is better to drive in a shady place and dry it before driving, which is conducive to protecting the paint surface.

3. Do not wash the engine compartment directly with a water gun, which will damage the metal structure of the car.

4. Choose a neutral wash solution.

5. When washing the car, try to make sure that there is no sand or soil particles in the bucket, so as not to hurt the car paint. If there is any condition, you can put sand and stone filter screen in the bucket, which is on the X treasure.

How to wash the car at home

1. Prepare car washing tools: first, prepare car washing tools, such as special mop, car washing liquid, water basin, towel, etc., which can be prepared according to the time of car washing.

2. Preliminary cleaning of the car body: after all the tools are ready, the car body shall be cleaned first, and the long handle mop shall be used to thoroughly clean the car body first. If there is a long water pipe, you can wash the car body with the water pipe first and then clean it with a mop.

3. Car washing liquid cleaning: after the initial cleaning, use the car washing liquid for cleaning, first mix the car washing liquid, and pour about 3 bottles of car washing liquid into the water pan. Add a third of the volume of water into the water pan, and stir to make the car wash liquid fully melt and froth. Wring the water out of the mop, put it into the water of the car wash solution and use the car wash solution to brush the car body. If it is a dirty place, it needs to be scrubbed several times. Then rinse the foam on the body, then use the mop to clean the last body, and clean the foam.

4. Open the door and dry it naturally: after cleaning the car body according to the above steps, use a dry towel to wipe the water clean, and then open the door and rear cover to let the car dry naturally.

5. Clean the edge position of the rear-view mirror: in the process of naturally drying the car body, you can use the car washing towel to clean the position that the mop has not been cleaned, such as the position of the rear-view mirror, the edge of the door, etc., and you can also clean the pedal, the floor mat and other items in the car.

The basic operation of cleaning your car at home is probably like this. After waiting for the water stains to dry, a brand new car will appear in front of you.