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Do you know the difference between honey, propolis and royal jelly? Which is the most nutritious

There are many kinds of health food at present, but not all of them are suitable for you, even some you can't eat, so you should take the right medicine. If you are not good in any aspect, you should take the health food. Now many people get up early in the morning will add honey to the water to drink. Drinking a cup every day is very good for the body, especially for the skin.

But on the market, in addition to honey, propolis and royal jelly are closely related to sealing. But what's the difference between the three kinds of food? What's the highest nutritional value? First of all, let's talk about propolis, which is a resin collected by honey from plant spores or tree trunks and processed by mixing it with the secretion of its Maxillary gland and wax gland Colloidal solid with directional odor.

In addition, there is a special smell. Generally, propolis is processed into capsules. Propolis has the functions of moistening skin, generating muscle and relieving pain. It can treat gastric ulcer, oral ulcer, burn and scald, skin splitting pain, radiation prevention and other diseases. The secretion of the pharyngeal gland of the young worker bee is to provide the larva food that will become the queen bee.

The fresh royal jelly is a thick paste, with luster and color of milky white, light yellow or reddish. The difference of color is related to the pigment of pollen collected by worker bees. In addition, the age of worker bees increases, the preservation time of royal jelly is too long, and the world of royal jelly contacting with air is too long, and the royal jelly is oxidized and other factors also cause the color of Royal jelly to deepen. After years of scientific research and clinical practice at home and abroad, it has been proved that royal jelly has a unique effect on human medical and health care. Good is honey, pure honey is a good nutrition food, but many people regard it as a conditioner, so honey is the most common, and the price is also cheap. Among them, the most nutritious is royal jelly.