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Take out the wisdom teeth. Long pain is better than short pain

Wisdom teeth, the eighth tooth from the front seam of the middle tooth to the inside of the mouth, can clearly touch the teeth, which means you have grown wisdom teeth. Some people don't grow long, some only grow one, while the more sad people all grow four. Generally, wisdom teeth grow at the age of fifteen or six, and some grow only when they are middle-aged. The most common and unforgettable thing is that wisdom teeth are very painful when they grow. What should I do if they hurt?

The main reason for wisdom tooth pain is that there is no place left for wisdom tooth in the mouth, so it will squeeze other teeth, so it will hurt. The other is that the wisdom teeth are deformed. For example, long crooked against the wisdom teeth in the mouth will bring us a lot of harm. For example, the wisdom teeth in the mouth will form a blind bag with the normal teeth, which is easy to accumulate food residues, and it is easy to cause inflammation after a long time. In addition, the blocked wisdom teeth can't normally bite with the normal teeth, which will cause the mandible joint to snap and open for a long time Problems such as stomachache and bruxism at night. Personally, wisdom teeth in modern medicine, there are many hazards, but we have to say that the biggest harm is pain.

If wisdom teeth hurt, they must be pulled out. They can endure for two or three days, but how can they endure for a long time. So there are many things to pay attention to. The most important thing is to choose a hospital. After all, wisdom tooth extraction is also a small operation. The hospital must be a regular public hospital, at least a peace of mind. Then, general anesthesia is recommended. Local anesthesia is to anaesthetize the teeth where they are pulled out, which always makes you feel that your mouth is lifted up along the needle tube. The anesthesia is bitter and painful. So it is suggested to use general anesthesia, less pain during the operation, but there will be some trouble after the operation.

Postoperative care is also important. Take your medicine on time, or you will be in trouble if you get dry socket. In terms of diet, do not drink hot water, which will stimulate the wound. In addition, the stewed soup of winter melon and the chopped pumpkin porridge can be eaten frequently, which can reduce swelling. Finally, I hope you can get through the wisdom tooth pain smoothly.