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What mobile phones will Android buy in the second half of 2018? Price performance evaluation of Andr

Each new mobile phone released in 2018 has new functions or new designs compared with last year's mobile phone, but in the end, you can only choose one of your favorite mobile phones to pay for. What mobile phones will Android buy in the second half of 2018? In the second half of the year, Android mobile cost performance evaluation.

When you are ready to change your mobile phone, at first you pay attention to the shape of the mobile phone, and you will compare the configuration of different mobile phones: screen space, camera and memory, etc., but when you are ready to pay, the price is often the most concerned factor.

In most cases, the performance of the phone is directly proportional to the cost. Expensive phones will have better configurations: the fastest processors, the most advanced cameras.

The mid-range device is a cost-effective device, which has good performance in running speed, camera and additional functions that most people can't use. If there is no curved screen and wireless charging, it will not affect the fun of using your mobile phone at all, then the mobile phone in this price range will be very suitable for you.

Finally, low-cost mobile phones mainly depend on people's budget, which is a good choice for people who use smart phones for the first time or are looking for second or third backup devices.

Fortunately, with the rapid development of mobile devices, even cheap phones can provide excellent photo taking effect and satisfactory performance. After all, cheap phones also run on Android or IOS systems.


What do you care about most: screen size, camera quality, or battery life? This will help you narrow down your options.

Don't underestimate the mid-range mobile phone: the mid-range mobile phone contains almost all the functions required by a mobile phone, but it only costs less than half of the price of the high-end phone.

Shopping time: during JD 618, double 11, or major festivals, the merchants will always give large discounts.

Last year's mobile phone: a flagship phone a year ago may cost half as much this year as it was when it first went on the market.

Android or IOS: if you're used to IOS, keep using the iPhone. Similarly, if you've already spent a lot of money on Android apps, you'd better stay in the Android camp.