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How to keep the bird's nest best

the reason why bird's nest is so popular among the nest friends is that, in addition to its own nourishing effects such as beauty and beautification, lung clearing and lung moistening, there are many other unknown effects. Bird's nest has a very good effect on women's body conditioning, but it's very troublesome to have bird's nest bubbles. What skill does bird's nest bubble hair have?

Bird's nest has its own nourishing effect no matter what kind of food is used. Even simple stewed bird's nest with ice sugar can make your skin more delicate and your body stronger if you eat it every day.

Every time we stew bird's nest, we will encounter such or such problems. Today, sister wo will give you a general introduction about the correct way to open the bird's nest and stew bird's nest~

Method of puffing in bird's nest

Although sister wo has said it many times before, she still has to nag about it again. We must use pure water to soak the bird's nest. Because using the tap water containing chlorine to soak the bird's nest will affect the degree of foam.

The bird's nest is usually made with pure water for 4-6 hours, and then it can be opened. In the rainy season, the time of bird's nest is shorter than that in the dry season. Let's pinch the bird's nest in the bubble hair with our hands and feel that the bird's nest becomes soft and can be torn to the extent of tearing, then the bubble hair will be good.

After foaming, remove impurities and fine hairs with tweezers and a small mesh screen (you can change water several times more in the process of picking), tear the bird's nest gently along the lines, and you can start stewing~


Many nest friends asked how to pick the bird's nest quickly and well. Here, sister Wo shared her usual method: put the bird's nest in the small mesh screen, immerse the small mesh screen in pure water, gently shake the small mesh screen up and down with the strength of wrist, impurities and fine hairs will easily float to the water surface, change the water several times, and the bird's nest will be easier to pick clean. Moreover, the bird's nest can be placed on the white plate, because the color of the feather and impurities is darker, so it is easier to pick out the bird's nest on the white plate.

Stewing of bird's nest

In fact, the method of stewing bird's nest is very simple. Pour the well soaked bird's nest into the stew cup, pour in pure water, cover the stew cup cover, and then put it into the pot (the water level outside the stew cup to the position of 1 / 2 of the stew cup), cover the pot cover, and start to stew slowly.

The time for stewing bird's nest is generally 20-25 minutes. If the electric stew cup is used, the stewing time is related to the power of the electric stew cup. If the power is large, the time needed will be shorter. On the contrary, if the power of the electric stew cup is small, the time needed will be longer.

5 minutes before leaving the pot, put in the rock sugar and continue to stew, so that the bird's nest can fully absorb the taste of rock sugar without affecting the nutrition of the bird's nest. If you have diabetes, you should pay attention to it. You can use salt instead of sugar to taste, which has the same nourishing effect.

When the bird's nest is out of the pot and a little cold, you can add osmanthus jam or fruit to make delicious osmanthus bird's nest and fruit bird's nest.

The preservation method of bird's nest after foaming

Bird's nest can't be eaten all at once. How to keep it? There are many nest friends who are troubled by this problem.

At this time, we need a bird's nest artifact - a sealed and clean one!

Drain the water from the bird's nest which is soaked well and can't be eaten completely, and put it into this vessel for sealing. It must be noted that there must be no oil stains on this utensil, so clean it inside and outside, or the oil in it will make the bird's nest deteriorate and waste it.

Finally, as long as the sealed container is kept in the refrigerator freezer, sister Wo suggests that it should be eaten within 7-10 days~


If you eat bird's nest once a day or the next day, you can use this method to soak the bird's nest for a week, then divide it into containers according to the amount you eat each time, then put it in the refrigerator for storage, and then take it out for stew every time you want to eat, which is convenient and can ensure the nutrition in the bird's nest is not lost.