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Honey can be beautified, but three "premises" should be paid attention to

We all know that honey is a good beauty product, good to drink and use. But when you use it as a maintenance product, do you really make sure that the honey you drink before works? You need to do these to use honey to detoxify and beautify your face.

1. Taking time of honey

If you want to use honey for beauty treatment by taking it orally, you must pay attention to its taking time. Generally speaking, honey should be taken one to one and a half hours before meals or two or three hours after meals. For patients with gastrointestinal diseases, the time of administration should be determined according to the condition. If you eat it one and a half hours before eating, honey will inhibit the acid honey, and if you eat it immediately after eating, it will stimulate the acid secretion. For the patients with neurasthenia, they should take honey before going to sleep every day, which can promote sleep, and the calming effect of honey is very ideal.

2. Honey can't be eaten with leek and tofu

There are many vitamin C components in leek, which are easily oxidized by the mineral iron plasma in honey, thus losing its effect. Moreover, honey is a kind of food that can have the effect of defecation, and leek contains a lot of cellulose catharsis. If these two kinds of food are eaten together, it is easy to cause diarrhea, so it is not recommended to eat honey and leek together. In addition, tofu is a kind of cold food, which can clear away heat and dissipate heat. Eating tofu together with honey will lead to diarrhea. Moreover, there are many enzymes in honey, and there are many minerals, vegetable protein and other components in tofu. Eating tofu together with two kinds of food will not be conducive to the biochemical reaction of the body.

3. Honey can't be cooked in high temperature

When using honey for beauty treatment, if you use unreasonable heating method, the nutrients in honey will be damaged, the enzymes in honey will be inactivated, the color will be darker, the fragrance will evaporate, and there will be a sour taste when eating. Moreover, the bacteriostatic effect of honey will also be reduced, and the nutrients will also be destroyed. Therefore, when using honey for beauty treatment, you must use warm water below 40 degrees or cold boiled water for brewing.

Based on the above articles, you now know what you need to pay attention to when using honey for beauty. If you want to make the beauty effect of honey more ideal, then you must pay attention to the above issues, and rational use of honey can really achieve the beauty purpose.