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In December, Alipay carved out 1 billion 500 million activities in detail. 1 billion 500 million, is

this month, many netizens often receive short messages from Alipay red envelopes. Is it true that Alipay consumption in December can be divided into 1 billion 500 million? So how much money can everyone get in the end? Is 1.5 billion an average or a random system? In fact, this activity is no stranger to friends who often use Alipay payment. In December, Alipay's activities were very intense.

First, let's take a look at the rules of Alipay surprise red pack December.

The same user can only receive the surprise red packet once a day in December, and the amount and number are randomly distributed.

This year, there is also an activity to 'carve up 1.5 billion red envelopes'.

In order to better help the combination of offline economy and small and micro businesses. Alipay also launched a campaign to divide up 1 billion 500 million red packets in December.

Between December and January, users can divide up 1.5 billion red envelopes through accumulated store consumption, and the time of prize opening is January 1. Of course, many netizens make complaints about the news announced by Alipay, because they can not be divided into such activities as dividing up red packets. This is only a business activity. But some netizens are laughing at it. Can they divide up the red packets?

Double the bonus with flowers

On the main page of the event, it says "double the bonus with flowers".

If you pay at the store for more than 15 days, the bonus will increase many times. The maximum amount is 20 times of the bonus of random bonus.

We can take this 1.5 billion as Ma Yun's advertisement for Huabei.

It's said that Huabei will go to credit after upgrading.

But in front of the red envelope, many people are soft again.

Alipay red packets receive a small strategy: open Alipay, scan the two-dimensional code, you can receive large red packets.