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How to choose fresh oranges? How can oranges be divided into male and female?

Orange is one of my favorite fruits, so I often buy some to eat. Over time, I have accumulated some tips for choosing oranges. Today, Xiaobian taught you how to choose delicious oranges. Do you know how to divide the male and female oranges?

1. The heavy one is better than the light one: this rule is applicable to the selection of many kinds of food. For the same size, choose the heavy one, and don't choose the light one.

2. Fine skin and small pores: like a beauty, orange skin should be delicate and small pores, so orange skin will be thinner and more delicious; if the pores are thick, they are usually large thick skin.

3. Hard and elastic: gently knead the orange, hard is better than soft, and elastic, indicating that the orange is relatively fresh.

4. Navel small good: navel orange is not divided into male and female, navel is its compound fruit, and many people think that different, navel orange to choose navel small. If you cut the orange from the navel, you can see that there is a small piece of flesh surrounded by a circle of white tendons. This is the compound fruit of the orange. It's not delicious. The orange of small navel tastes good, moisture is much. If the navel is large or protruding, the taste is poor and the water content is less. Don't forget to pick another orange next time.

5. The red one is sweeter: it depends on your taste. If you like the sweet one, the red one will taste sweeter. If you like the sour one, you don't have to choose the red one. But now there are dyed oranges in the market. When you buy them, you should be careful. It's not hard to judge. When you buy them, wipe the surface of the orange skin with paper towel, wet paper towel and small towel. If you dye them, there will be discoloration.

Common sense: orange is the seasonal fruit now. It has plenty of water, tastes sweet and sour, and has good nutrition. The color of orange mainly comes from carotene, the content of vitamin C is high, up to 33 mg / kg, and the sour taste of orange can protect vitamin C. In addition, the potassium content of oranges is also good. This season, we can basically meet our body's needs for fruit by eating a medium-sized orange and an apple every day.