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Why are electric cars not durable in winter? It's all caused by low temperature

why can't electric cars withstand riding in winter? In winter, due to the decrease of outdoor temperature, the troubles of the electric car group also follow. Do many people have such a puzzle? The battery of electric vehicles is not durable in winter. Before, electric vehicles ran very fast and consumed very little power. But in winter, they had no power before riding. What's the matter?

Recently, the reporter visited many electric vehicle repair shops and exclusive stores in Haicheng City and learned that the battery of electric vehicles is generally not durable in winter, which is caused by the cold weather.

Mr. Wang, who is consulting with an electric car store, told reporters that his electric car has been bought for less than a year, and recently he found that the driving mileage of the electric car has been greatly reduced. In the past, in summer, you could ride 70 kilometers for at least two days when you were fully charged. Now you are fully charged every day, but you can only run about 35 kilometers. Mr. Wang said: 'I don't know whether the battery is broken or what's the reason. Now I feel that the electricity can't be charged, so I came to the exclusive store to ask today. "After visiting many electric vehicle maintenance stations and exclusive shops, the reporter found that many residents and Mr. Wang had the same experience and experience, and some customers pushed the electric vehicle to ask about the problem of insufficient battery power. Most of them think that the battery life is short and need to be replaced with a new set of batteries.

According to the owner of an electric vehicle sales and maintenance shop in Haicheng Middle Street: "the battery is not durable, but it's mainly caused by the cold weather. When the temperature picks up, the situation will improve.". "Due to the low temperature in winter, the power in the battery cannot be released. Generally, the power of the battery will drop by about 40%, while the power of some batteries with poor quality will drop even more. So some electric vehicle users think it's the battery life, in fact, this is a common phenomenon. At present, electric vehicle batteries mainly include gel battery, lithium-ion battery and lead-acid battery. At present, lead-acid batteries are widely used, and when the temperature drops, the power stored in lead-acid batteries will drop.

The maintenance personnel suggested that the users of electric vehicles should appropriately increase the charging times in winter, and the charging time should not exceed 10 hours. In addition, it is better to choose the brand of regular manufacturers when purchasing electric vehicle batteries.