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What is the reason why Alipay has to promote so many ways behind the flowers?

Basically, a mobile phone is enough for young people nowadays. Mobile phone is a map, and a wallet. If you need to pay, you can open up Alipay to scan. The function of Alipay is also very light. The module is not a single payment function. Today we will discuss the function of Alipay's flower. Today, we must be very clear about the knowledge of Hua Bai. Why should Alipay spare no effort to promote Hua Bai what? There are several reasons:

1、 Market share

In fact, Alipay spends almost the same amount as the bank's credit card, that is to say, both of them can provide the public with the function of early consumption. Therefore, Huabei should be regarded as a credit card without card system.

However, at present, although China's credit card issuance is very high, the coverage rate is not even 50%. So for Alipay, the remaining 50% of the market is definitely a blank area they need to occupy. If they occupy the market share, they will be able to make more profits from it. Therefore, the purpose of vigorously promoting Huabei is to occupy the market and monopolize the huge profits in this market.

2、 Drain for Taobao store.

When it comes to this, many people may ask if consumers have used it before and don't divide it into stages: isn't it impossible to make money? What's the use of occupying so many markets?

Of course, it works! A small number of users don't like installment, which doesn't mean that other users won't use installment repayment. So, in this huge market, as long as more than half of the people in Alipay choose to pay dividends by installments, they will be able to earn huge profits.

Moreover, those Taobao shop owners who want to apply for opening flower collection are also required to be pumped by Alipay; moreover, they do not smoke too much. So, in fact, Alipay can earn installment fees from users who use flowers, and can also earn commissions from Taobao stores by opening flower receipts.

Therefore, Alipay vigorously promotes Hua Bai to be draining Taobao, and the more people who spend flowers on Taobao, the more profits Taobao can draw on the store.

3、 Creating your own credit system.

A lot of people may find that they are the first to borrow flowers. However, few people know why we all borrow flowers first.

In fact, this is not difficult to understand; because borrowing and spending can be said to be the same brother. There is also a certain threshold for borrowing. If you want to obtain a large user group, you must rely on spending to create sesame credit score.

However, sesame credit score is not only a simple value for Alipay. Sesame credit is the credit information system authorized by the personal credit reference center. With this credit information system, Alipay can cooperate with some lending companies or banks by taking the credit score of sesame and taking the loan amount, so as to get the principal of the loan institutions. Big user profits. This is called a white wolf with empty hands!

4、 Lend and drain

Banks are able to operate mainly by lending to earn interest. Similarly, Alipay also wants to make certain profits from this model to maintain and operate its own company.

But the operation and maintenance of a large company can definitely be supported not only by Huabei, so when they launch Huabei and credit card to seize the credit card market, they also launch "borrow" to seize the credit loan market, and "spend" is also a simple drainage for "borrow".

The products of Alipay are all interlocking. If Alipay does well in promotion, it will only need to sell one of the rings to bring other products into play. Therefore, the vigorous implementation of Hua Bai is quite beneficial for Taobao, sesame credit and borrowing, which is N win for Alipay.