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Is it necessary to close the main gas valve? After listening to the safety officer, I'm glad I didn'

I believe that in daily life, many people use gas stoves in the process, there is such a practice, that is, after turning off the gas stoves switch, they will not turn off the valve. After all, the gas stove needs to be used several times a day, every day. It's too troublesome to open and close every time. Besides, the valve is always on and off, so it's easy to get loose. If it causes gas leakage, it's not good. Of course, there are also a large number of people who insist on turning off the gas stove switch, but also to turn off the main valve, so as to ensure safety, so as not to cause gas leakage due to accidents. It seems that the public says that the public is reasonable, and the woman says that the woman is reasonable, so whose statement is correct? Let's see the analysis of gas safety officer.

The safety officer said that the main valve is the switch to control the gas in and out, and it is also the source of gas leakage and family danger. It is suggested that after using the gas and turning off the gas stove switch, you should also turn off the main valve. The main reason why it's recommended to turn it off is that if it's open for a long time, the rubber tube connecting the stove will also accelerate the aging and damage rate as time goes on. In such a situation, if the main valve is not closed continuously or the rubber tube is not replaced, it is easy to cause the safety accident of gas leakage. It happens to be winter again. People like to close their doors and windows tightly at home. If gas leaks and they are careless, it may cause explosion accidents and infinite harm.

Therefore, for safety reasons, it is recommended to turn off the main valve. If you think it is too troublesome to close each time, you can turn off the main valve after the last use of the gas stove every day, so as to avoid dangerous accidents to a certain extent. After listening to the safety officer, I'm glad that I didn't make a mistake! In short, I suggest you remember to close the main valve of the gas in time. In addition, in order to give early warning of gas leakage as much as possible, you can install an alarm after opening the gas, which can help you effectively avoid gas leakage accidents.