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Will waste toilet paper or toilet paper cause blockage

Many people generally throw toilet paper into the garbage can, but friends who are more concerned about hygiene will think that if toilet paper is not disposed in time, it is breeding bacteria in another way. Human excreta must contain a lot of bacteria. Toilet paper is piled up in the garbage can for a long time, coupled with the humid environment in the toilet, it is certain that bacteria will grow.

This kind of crowd generally suggests to throw toilet paper directly into the toilet to flush. I don't know if you found it. We will find it in the public toilet. The public toilet will tell you to put the toilet paper in the trash. Many people don't know why.

In fact, the reason is very simple. Generally, the decoration of the toilet in the shopping mall is no longer a horizontal line with the decoration quality of our family. The flushing power of the toilet may not be as strong as that of the family. Therefore, it's a safer way to put toilet paper in the trash.

Another reason is that everyone's quality is different. Someone will throw something in the toilet except toilet paper, which will not only cause the toilet block, impress other people's use, but also cause trouble for the cleaning personnel. The toilet paper in public places is usually put in the garbage can, and someone will clean it regularly every day, but our family is not necessarily.

So you can use toilet paper in your family to flush the toilet directly to prevent the growth of bacteria. And now the toilet paper is basically soluble toilet paper. It will dissolve after soaking in water for a period of time. Don't worry about blocking. As for other insoluble things, it's better not to put them in the toilet.