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How does pueraria powder eat effect best? You want to have a breast enhancement so that it works

How to eat kudzu powder? The effect of kudzu powder has a good tonic effect on our health, especially many women like to eat kudzu powder to breast enhancement, so how to eat kudzu powder has the best effect? The method and time of eating kudzu powder are also exquisite.

How to eat Kudzu Powder

1. Take 15g of Pueraria lobata powder and put it into a bowl, add a little sugar (honey or milk can also be added according to personal taste), first mix it with a small amount of cold boiled water to make a pulp (too much cold boiled water can cause the brewing to be immature), then quickly make it into a paste with boiling water. It can also be adjusted and heated in microwave oven and furnace for 1 to 2 minutes, that is, cooked. If it's in midsummer, put it in the refrigerator and freeze it into jelly, it's another delicious taste.

2. It can be used to thicken, mix soup, mix meat and other places where starch is needed. It is delicious and nutritious.

3. Before drinking, take a small amount of pueraria powder according to the eating method, which can avoid the harm to human body caused by drinking on an empty stomach or excessive drinking; for the drunk, take a small amount of pueraria powder according to the eating method, which has the effect of relieving alcohol and refreshing brain.

4. Add licorice or white sugar (licorice is recommended, good taste) into green tea and boil or brew it together. When the air temperature is low, pour the tea into a small amount of pueraria powder and turn it into boiling water. (you can also use a proper amount of warm water to turn the pueraria powder into boiling water, and then pour the boiling tea into it.) then put it into the microwave oven for about 2 minutes, or put it in the pot to heat it into a thick body. It's very fragrant. Tip: you don't need to put a lot of pueraria powder when you make Qingre drink. It's best to make it thinner, which is suitable for summer reference.

5. First of all, turn the Pueraria into water and boil it a little. When the porridge is almost cooked, pour it in. Then boil it for a while and add some milk and salt. You can also put peanuts and peas in it before you like it. (this porridge is good for breast enhancement and beauty, and is suitable for breakfast.)

6. Take a small amount of osmanthus honey or osmanthus, beat up a few pieces of pine sugar in the garlic mortar, and add it when making pueraria powder. Osmanthus last. It's delicious!

7. Take a spoonful of this product and put it into a bowl. First stir it with cold boiled water to make a paste. Then add some sugar and mix it evenly. After that, the boiled water above 95 ℃ will be rushed to make a paste. It can be used.

8. Take a portion of this product and mix it with cold water to make it paste, pour it into a little boiling oil pot in several times, stir well and fry it into pancake shape, scoop it up and cut it into pieces, then stir fry it with the pork in the same pot. It is a rare table delicacy with infinite taste.

When is the best time to take pueraria powder

1. Best time for breast enhancement: about an hour after lunch and dinner

After eating, the digestive system will work actively. During this period, the digestive organs such as intestines and stomach will decompose the food and digest it, and transfer the nutrition to the place where the human body needs most. One hour after the meal is chosen because the stomach and intestines have almost digested the food, but the digestive system is still active. Taking pueraria powder at this time can promote the absorption of its nutrients and maximize its nutritional value.

According to different body shape and food consumption, the best time to take it varies. If you are overweight and eat a large amount of food, one and a half hours after meal is the best time to take it; if you are lean and eat a small amount of food, then half hours after meal is the best time to take it.

2. The best time for lowering blood pressure and blood lipid: 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. every day

10 o'clock in the morning is the time point for the human body to fully recover from sleep. At this time, blood pressure and blood lipid will reach a very high level. Taking pueraria powder can effectively inhibit the rise of blood pressure and blood lipid. 9 o'clock in the evening is the time point for the body to send out sleep prompts. Taking pueraria powder at this time can ensure the stability of blood pressure and blood lipid during sleep.

Whether you are for breast enhancement, beauty care, or "three highs" and health care, you should keep in mind the best time to take the above, so that pueraria powder can contribute more nutrition and health value to your body.