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Can Cranberry capsule be eaten during menstruation? Effect and function of cranberry capsule

Cranberry capsule is a very good health care product for women, which can well inhibit gynecological inflammation. But many people ask if they can eat it during menstruation? What diseases can Cranberry capsule prevent? For women, they must do a good job in daily health care.

Is Cranberry capsule edible during menstruation

You can take Cranberry capsules during menstruation. But we must pay attention not to eat too much, so as not to affect health, leading to irregular menstruation.

Benefits of cranberry capsule in menstruation

1. Beauty and beauty

Cranberry has antioxidant effect, can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and melanin cells, so female friends can eat Cranberry capsule properly in menstrual period to resist aging, beauty and beauty.

2. Prevention of urinary tract infection

Female friends are prone to urinary tract infection, especially in menstrual period, which is more likely to cause gynecological diseases. Cranberry capsule contains proanthocyanidins, which has the effect of anti bacterial adhesion, can prevent E.coli and other pathogenic bacteria from adhering to the urethra, and can also let bacteria flow with urine, so as to avoid the occurrence of urinary tract infection.

3. Nutrition for women

Cranberry capsule has the effect of nourishing blood and nutrition. Female friends will lose blood during menstruation. Cranberry capsule is rich in vitamins and inorganic salts, which can supplement nutrition for the body.

Cranberry capsule has a very high nutritional value, which can provide nutrition for menstrual friends, so you can eat Cranberry capsule properly during menstruation.