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Shanghai Disneyland strategy to play friends pay attention to these things are not allowed to carry

Everyone yearns for dreams. The first thing they think about is Disneyland. When you come here, you will find your own childhood memories. But Shanghai Disneyland has some rules that people can't accept, such as no water, no cos, and so on. Now what we're talking about is that Disney can't bring any more selfie sticks. It is understood that because of the large flow of Disney people, it is forbidden to take self timer to prevent accidents.

The reason why Disney doesn't allow the self timer is for the sake of safety. Many tourists in Shanghai Disneyland will be concentrated and crowded, and many tourists are children. The use of the self timer will affect the normal tour of other tourists, such as accidental collision, etc., which is also to protect every tourist.

Why can't Disney bring a selfie

According to the tourists who have played, it's better to go to Disney in light clothes. You can buy all the things you should eat and use in the park. It's really dangerous to take a selfie in a crowded place. You don't want to be poked by someone else's selfie, right? That's why Disney doesn't allow it.

There are two check-in gates at Disney: the first is for package inspection and the second is for ticket inspection. It means that everyone's bag should be put on a table and opened for inspection by the staff. At this time, all the water, food and selfie sticks can't escape, so the selfie sticks are only confiscated. It's recommended to bring your own glasses. You can't use glasses! Many places in the park provide direct drinking water to be taken by yourself.

There are many photographers wearing vest and carrying cameras in Disney, leaving a beautiful memory for you. There is no charge for taking photos. Downloading photos will charge a fee. A single photo is 58 / photo, and a day card is 199 / day. It is recommended that friends who do not have a camera and a photographer buy a day card, and everyone in the same industry can use a happy photo pass.